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2 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 About our Awards Our Global Excellence Awards are an annual programme which has been designed by the in-house research team at AI Global Media. Launched in 2016 to recognise and reward the firms and individuals whose sustained outstanding performance has seen them leading the way in their industry, the Global Excellence Awards is the flagship program of Acquisition International magazine and covers a wide variety of sectors and countries. Honouring these top performers is done through a rigorous and in-depth selection process from our in-house awards specialists. This ensures that every one of our chosen firms was selected based on proven performance over the past 12 months, guaranteeing that all award recipients were chosen purely on merit and can take pride in the knowledge that they truly deserve their place among this year’s esteemed winners. Chelsea Dytham - Media Executive Elliot Ashbourne - Head of Features & Senior Sales Executive Contents 6 Gene Genius! 7 Security on a Global Scale 8 Installations To Stand the Test of Time 11 Medical Marvels in the Midwest 12 Invest In Your Future 14 Female-led Interior Design Takes OverThe 16 Leading Semiconductor Innovation, and World Technological Progress 18 Building Brilliant Brands 19 Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company 2021 - Georgia 20 Plant-Powered Biotech Beauty 22 A Brazilian Influence 24 Communicating In Critical Circumstances No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Emma Hunt, Creative & Design Assistant Manager Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 25 Modern Solutions for Modern Times 26 Digital Warriors: Cyber Protectors For Quantum Security 28 The Innovative Intellectual Property Law Firm 29 Transforming Legal Doctrine! 30 Most Outstanding Investment Banking Firm 2021 - New York 31 Revolutionizing Clinical Research - Now and for the Future 32 Most Outstanding Corporate Catering Services Provider 2021 - Australia 34 Cleanroom Innovation 36 Creating the Structure Behind Restructuring 37 The Trip Of A Lifetime 38 Changing the Game in Tissue Viability Assessment 39 Fire Fighting Innovation 40 Memories For An Eternity

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 3 41 Leveraging Human Performance 42 Renowned Roboticists Secure Success 43 Anticipation, Dedication and Resiliency 44 Post Haste! 46 Building A More Intelligent World 47 World-Leading Crowd Risk Analysis 48 Economic Development Excellence 49 The Latin American Legal Team with Worldwide Prestige 50 Under Lock and Key 51 A Step In The Right Direction 52 Innovative Interior and Architecture 53 Guaranteed Connections! 54 Designing the World of Tomorrow 55 To Infinity and Beyond 56 London Property Management 57 Global Company with a Homegrown Heart 58 The Future of Energy Efficient Homes 59 An Outstanding Global Player in Modern Marketing 60 Wealth For The Future 61 The Backbone of Medical Product Marketing 62 Design Learning Solutions 63 Deep Technology in the Middle East 64 Bringing New Life to Life Science Businesses 66 Managing the Path to Success 67 The Supporters of Medical Technology’s New Rising Stars 68 The Answer to Antibiotic Immunity 69 German Law, International Prestige 70 Comfortable, Easy and Fast Teeth Whitening 71 Defending SMEs in the Cyber World 72 Leading the Progression of our Society 74 Risk Management and Organisational Effectiveness 76 CRM Specialists of Three Decades 78 Serving Customer and Community 80 The Heart of the Matter 82 Guardian of the Ocean 83 First-Class Migration Consultancy 84 The Robust Advice Behind Structural Failure Consultancy 85 The Next Generation of Business 86 Revolutionising Medical Training 88 Employment Screening Solution Innovation 90 Developing ‘TOPP KIDS’ 91 Securing a Changing Digital World 92 Transforming Digital Footprints 93 Sustainability Made Simple 94 Breaking Language Barriers with AI 95 Water Works Wonders! 96 IT Solutions For The Future 97 A Bright Idea! 98 The Clinic Boosting London’s Confidence 99 Elevating the Standards of Global Consultancy 100 Tremendous Trade Consultants Secure Success 101 Marketing the Future 102 Building the Future of Construction 104 Leading the Way for Client Focused Banking 106 The Backbone of Contemporary Business 107 Building Better Relationships for Everyone 108 Improved Quality of Life 109 Authentic, Meaningful Leadership 110 Taking Airport Travel to the Next Level 111 Betterment of the Legal Profession 112 beCause Global Consulting: The Consultancy Bettering Connections across the Corporate World with CEO Nadine B Hack at its helm 113 Blazing a Trail into the Future of Cybersecurity 114 On The Side of Federal Employees 115 An Inclusive Approach 116 Most Outstanding Leisure & Tourism Group 2021 - UK 118 The Minds Behind the New Era of Grant Management 120 Creating Space for Modern Business 122 Aesthetics Clinic Secures Success! 124 The Minds Behind Changing Recycling Habits 125 The Creators of Technologically Outstanding Product Management 126 An India Success Story 127 On the Right ‘traq’ 128 Battery Bonanza! 130 High Calibre Design, Down to Earth Excellence 131 Trade Finance with Trust and Integrity 132 Helping To Prolong The Golden Years 133 RSA LP Goes Global 134 A Bright Star in the VLSI Universe 135 Anyplace Can Be A Workspace With Awingu 136 A Sterling Effort! 137 Patient Focused 138 Proven Pedal Power! 140 Is This Just Fantasy? 142 Designing the Future of International Transactions 144 Redefining Communication

4 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 146 Going Green For Good 147 Changing the Game 148 Taking Technology To The Next Level 149 Anywhere365® awarded Most Innovative Cloud- Based Contact Centre Platform 2021 150 Driving Force 152 Exceptional Repertoire of Successful Acquisitions 153 Gaining Creative Solutions Through Shared Knowledge 154 Big Success in the Big Apple 156 Increasing Efficiency In Customer Service 157 The Bench Walk Advantage 158 Always Learning 159 Create an Engaged and Mentally Fit Organisation through Individual Actualisation at scale 160 The Legal Bridge To Success 162 Borders of Success 163 World-Class Expertise 164 How to Change the World 165 The Advancement of the ‘People Agenda’ 166 Empowering Change 167 Flying High: Innovation in Aircraft Appraisal 168 Finding The Right Solution 169 Constantly Innovating 170 Home Away From Home 172 Sound of Success 173 Finding The Perfect Home 174 Experienced Nordic Asset Manager 175 Pests - All Under Control 176 Service Success! 177 Leading Lifts! 178 Creating Novel And Characteristic Playgrounds 179 Superior Treatment Solutions 180 Best Healthcare M&A Strategists 181 Technical Support Services Secure Success for Qcom 182 Care By the Sea 183 Sight and Sound Success 184 Making Success in Managing Money 185 Food of the Gods 186 Food Fit For a Feast 187 Accounting & Strategy to Power- Up Your Business in The Big Apple 188 Pioneers Of Alternative Energy 190 Invest in the Best! 191 Legally Excellent, Client First

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6 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 26 Acquis tion International - Issue 1 2022 Gene Genius! A world without genetic disorder might seem a pipedream to many, but to the team at Pluripotent Diagnostics, it’s just one innovation award. Named Most Innovative Molecular Genetics Company 2021 – California in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their astonishing success. hey say it’s impossible to predict the future, but thanks to the scientific developments made by the team at Pluripotent Diagnostics, that might not be true anymore. If a person is defined by their genetics, the Pluripotent Diagnostics team have the power to read genomes and correct any errors through individual treatments. Instead of predicting the future, the Pluripotent Diagnostics team are able to shape it. When Drs. Sean J. Miller and Robert Logan founded Pluripotent Diagnostics, they did so with the ambition of ridding the world of genetic disorders. Their impressive start-up has already gained an impressive reputation for its work, based out of the famous Molecular Medicine Research Institute (MMRI), in Silicon Valley, California. This environment has proven to be the perfect testing ground for the team’s ideas with no concept too ridiculous not to consider. The importance of our genes is impossible to overstate. More than any other aspect of our lives, our genes govern our wellbeing and health. A great deal of work has gone into understanding genetics, epi-genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and medical imaging (DTI, PET, MRI, fMRI) with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and the team’s tests cover 5000 times more genes than the competition. This incredible technology allows the firm to discover genetic disease associations such as cancers and neurodegenerative disorders. T Oct21234 From this information, the Pluripotent Diagnostics team have looked for more ways forward. This comes in the form of the team’s patented PDx solutions, which allow not only for genetic diagnoses but personalized therapeutic interventions at any age. This technology has an enormous amount of potential, offering a way of improving and prolonging lives, but also offering a path to a world where genetic diseases might be removed from the human experience entirely. To leverage this technology as thoroughly as possible, the team reach across the cross-disciplinary areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, genetics, and medicine. By combining the strengths of all of these areas, the team have achieved the remarkable. The world is constantly moving forward, but while we continue to look out, our understanding of ourselves is surprisingly limited. Through the work of the team at Pluripotent Diagnostics, we have begun to comprehend some of what we are. Their innovations are a potent reminder of how little we know, but how much there is to learn. We celebrate this team’s incredible achievements and look forward to the direction they will take in the future. Company: Pluripotent Diagnostics Corp. Contact: Sean James Miller Email:

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 7 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 9 2021 31 May21545 Company: cyan Security Group Contact: office@ Website: Security on a Global Scale aunched with the vision to change cybersecurity for the better, cyan Security Group has made it it’s mission to safeguard the digital livelihoods of people all around the world, protecting them from existing the future cybercrime threats. Fundamentally, as cybercrime is an ever-evolving problem, with certain risks growing and changing by the day, so too must the solutions that handle them; therefore, cyan’s promise is that it is will stay one step ahead of cyber attacks in order to make itself an invaluable security partner to its clients. Its vast amounts of industry experience ensure that it can keep a finger on the pulse of its industry and its threats as they change. This has given it the credibility, reliability, and consistently proven professional acumen that has made it a going concern in its industry – and earned it a worldwide roster of loyal clientele for whom it is their one-stop cybersecurity solution, having spent 15 years building up this stellar reputation. Above all else, it wishes to impress upon its clients how customercentric its core approach is. Furthermore, this can be seen through the expansive portfolio it has built up over time, all of its work done with the goal of delivering a seamless and user-intuitive experience that contains both network and application-based security services, prioritising being accessible to the client with a white-label approach. cyan has therefore been able to set itself in good stead with a multitude of different clients across a variety of industry verticals and scales – after all, it takes great pride in how its services are tailored to fit the client – from the smaller start-ups to large enterprise level businesses. This goes hand in hand with its 24/7 threat analysis across multiple international locations, all of which form a global network of digital service hubs, its own research and development unit emboldening each of these services as part of its commitment to consistently growing and developing. cyan’s team, in essence, is what forms the professional backbone that has allowed it to remain such a household name in cybersecurity, making it a front-runner and a highly competitive company in the international playing field. Its clear vision and the exemplary nature of each of its staff members make for a truly united front within this business’s own culture. Moreover, the career experiences of the CEO, CFO, and CTO, were a big part of the original forming of this backbone; believing the in order to be watertight and effective, cybersecurity doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, but it does have to be adaptive. Very early on in the cybersecurity and technologically minded careers of the three, they L The cybersecurity company that is ‘on a mission to keep the world safe’, and now is ‘2021’s Leading IT Security Specialists’ for Europe, cyan Security Group has secured its place at the head of the pack in cybersecurity. Above all, it has worked hard to create solutions that aren’t overcomplicated but are a fool-proof line of defence against attacks, keeping the customer at the heart of its vision and dedicating itself to constant improvement across the board. realised that cyberthreats were going to become and continue to be one of the biggest threats in the modern world, especially with the exponential march of technology marching ever-forward. In response to this, cyan has strived to combine both industrial experience and client-focused dedication in order to create a company that could get ahead in such a world, able to be flexible in its solutions. Crucially, this has allowed it to work itself seamlessly around any company’s existing models in order to be an unobtrusive and highly effective solution that takes the worries about the constant threat of cybercrime off of the shoulders of the client, offering them peace of mind that such things will be stopped before they endanger what truly matters. Processing more than +1000 billion data points a month that feed back into its research, every data point making it more effective, it will continue improving and developing itself in order to stay 2 steps ahead of cybersecurity’s biggest threats.

8 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2022 25 Installations To Stand the Test of Time ounded by Managing Director, Aaron Dronsfield, Installation Services Group Ltd is led with experience and know-how. This has secured a sturdy future for the company as it has explored many ways of designing and installing the best bathrooms and kitchens for the people of Cheshire & beyond. Installation Services Group’s unique selling point is the fact that it serves all parts of the industry to provide an intelligent level of technical support and customer service. With a goal to supply services to a plethora of businesses since 2016, Installation Services Group has been serving in the industry for a short while however, it has come a long way. By recruiting the best of the best, Installation Services Group is able to work hard and efficiently with a team that truly cares about F their work. By serving customers that find the company by its online presence, Installation Services Group is aware of the digital world making a huge impact on the world. Not only does it rely on its online presence, but it also knows that it gets a lot of recommendations via word of mouth – this is something that a lot of companies can miss out on but Installation Services Group know that this is one of the best ways to gain a following. In 2022 and beyond, Installation Services Group intends to expand its services into all parts of the industry by offering customer-focused bathroom and kitchen installations, making it an excellent source for design and development. Watch this space. Contact: Aaron Dronsfield Company: Installation Services Group Ltd Installation Services Group Ltd provide bathroom and kitchen installations to the retail and contracts sector, as well as an industy leading remote design service. . For its excellent work it has now been awarded Best Bathroom & Kitchen Installation Company 2021 – Cheshire. Here we take a closer look at the work it does in the industry and how it stays ahead of the game. Jan22159

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Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 11 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 12 23 Company: TRIARQ Health Contact: John Somerville Web: Email: Medical Marvels in the Midwest. riginally TRIARQ Health was founded as an EMR company; however, over the past eleven years, the company has also established unparalleled expertise in medical billing, including patient payment management. This holistic approach of medical practice management has enabled the company to develop a unique perspective into the support independent physicians need and want from the medical sector. Currently, at TRIARQ, its core service offering consists of EMR software and financial management tools, including payer billing and patient payment services. Because more people are selecting high deductible plans, it means that doctors collect more of their revenue directly from those they care for, which is challenging and uncomfortable when most people have been used to the idea of insurance companies absorbing the costs. That is why TRIARQ is immensely proud of its patient payment capabilities since its convenient payment tools like mobile bill pay and Lockbox check processing make it easier for practices to manage their revenue. At the same time, these tools reduce the overall number of staff hours required to manage it. TRIARQ was established in order to deliver industry-leading products and services. To accomplish this, the company utilises a set of values that in short, have been a part of the organisation since its O Winners of the Most Outstanding Practice Management Solutions Provider award in 2021, TRIARQ Health is a management services organisation aptly focused on the independent medical health practice community. With a firm belief that independent physicians are the backbone of American medicine, TRIARQ aims to provide the technology, resources and scale that practices need to thrive against large hospital systems and a consolidating marketplace. Nov21144 establishment. This business ethos has guided members of staff and the company itself for over a decade, all of which include trust, attitude, and a relentlessness pursuit of excellence. The idea to immerse yourself in these values corresponds with the way TRIARQ develops their business. The company relentlessly focuses on ensuring clients are enthralled by the team, products and services with a collective, never-ending, client-centric approach to the brand. Additionally, the company seeks to establish long-term and trusting relationships that are unwavering when providing honest and truthful feedback. Moreover, TRIARQ carries a positive, passionate and can-do, actionorientated attitude that is encompassed by the overwhelming and continuous achievement to aid in the American medical field as best as possible. These values encapsulate the business and the people within, ensuring that when a product is developed or a team member is hired, these values are followed to provide high-quality products and services and an industry-leading environment. During the Covid-10 pandemic, the entire medical industry was met with unprecedented challenges. Fortunately, the team at TRIARQ was able to rise to the occasion and develop numerous solutions to aid practices in keeping their doors open and maintaining a high level of care for their patients. For TRIARQ, one of the most critical solutions developed was a contactless check-in and results monitoring solution for a network of six Covid-19 testing sites that processed hundreds of thousands of tests within the state of Michigan. In creating that solution, TRIARQ not only proved its ability as an innovative company but its capacity to build large-scale solutions that aided in the most momentous shift in the healthcare industry to date. Looking toward the future, TRIARQ has significant plans in development new and valuable client solutions. Acquired Michigan’s largest health plan, TRIARQ is exponentially expanding its investment in technology, services, and outreach to help build the independent medical practice community of tomorrow. Company Name: TRIARQ Health Contact Name: John Somerville Web Address: Contact Email: b c

12 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 44 Issue 1 2022 Dec21001 Invest In Your Future LaoCann Capital provides investment banking services to high-net-worth individuals, governments and larger corporations that are motivated to achieve their full potential with their investment portfolios. We speak to the firm’s founder and CEO to find out more about what it has to offer in the wake of it being recognised in the Best Private Market Investment Firm 2021 in the AI 2021 Global Excellence Awards. With strong North American and South East Asian roots, LaoCann Capital is the brainchild of its founding partners, who have a combined experience of more than 70 years in the investment, development, and legal consulting of real estate, banking, and finance industries. LaoCann Capital uses its expertise in financial markets to provide financial services to specific types of clients. It helps companies to meet a wide variety of financial goals such as the origination and execution of equity offering and the issuing of debt. It provides investment management services, lending services, equity sales and trading, research, and consulting services, focussing on assisting its clients with divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, financial restructuring services, and financial advisory services. LaoCann Capital is now offering Variable Capital Company (VCC) services through its Singapore’s parent company for both open and closed-ended investment funds. A VCC facilitates domiciliation of investment funds in Singapore across traditional and alternative fund vehicles for both open- and closed-ended types. In addition, corporations that are set up as funds in other jurisdictions can also be inwardly re-domiciled as VCCs. As well as pooling and investment vehicles, VCC is a combination of a legal entity as well as a fund structure and VCCs can be used for private equity funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, venture capital, and multi-family offices. Recognising that effective corporate finance requires evaluation of financial needs, an understanding of corporate goals, awareness of market attitudes, knowledge of funding sources, as well as an ability to develop the best financial structure for each client, LaoCann Capital applies innovative and independent financial skills targeted towards the unique characteristics of its clients. “The firm is committed to building long-term relationships with our investors, investment partners and colleagues based on integrity, trust, openness, respect and the highest standards of professionalism,” explains Kenneth Nealey, the founder and CEO of LaoCann Capital. “We believe in being flexible and we recognise the need to evolve. Nevertheless, the core values that guide how we work have remained the same. They are the timeless principles that make us who we are today.” Approaching clients with a solution-oriented mindset is what makes LaoCann Capital stand out from competitors and Kenneth elaborates on what it is that differentiates the firm. “We believe that even the most inscrutable problems have solutions – or better outcomes than have been reached so far,” he states. W “Our competitive edge is our high tolerance for ambiguity and we are able to see through multiple perspectives. We do well with unexpected occurrences, are not afraid to ask questions, and we find ways around any challenges.” LaoCann Capital’s employees are the most valuable asset of the company, Kenneth tells us, and he elaborates to explain that they are integral to the firm’s culture of integrity, professionalism and excellence. They are highly skilled problem solvers who believe challenges represent opportunities and they contribute effectively towards the successful functioning of LaoCann Capital. “We believe productive work and meaningful relationships emerge when you assemble high-performing teams and push them to engage in rigorous and thoughtful inquiry. When recruiting, we look to attract and retain the brightest minds in the business. We hire result-driven professionals who are perseverant, have relentless work ethics, are aggressive to get their jobs done, have a growth mindset and look for ways to make things work.” Recently, LaoCann Capital was recognised for its commitment to its clients in the AI 2021 Global Excellence Awards and was bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Private Market Investment Firm 2021. Company: LaoCann Capital Email: Web Address: It provides investment management services, lending services, equity sales and trading, research, and consulting services, focussing on assisting its clients with divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, financial restructuring services, and financial advisory services.

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14 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 38 Issue 1 2022 Nov21615 Female-led Interior Design Takes Over The interior design industry is fiercely competitive and demanding. However, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living thrives on the competition, and has set itself apart as a leader of the industry. Earning the accolade of Most Innovative Interior Design Firm 2021 – UAE, the female-led company shows no signs of slowing down over the next year, having many exciting plans under its wing. he world of interior design is ever-changing – there are trends constantly burning out as others are created at an even greater pace. Innovation is key. To simply make it in the sector, you need a keen eye for spatial awareness, a deep understanding of aesthetics, and the ability to optimise space whilst creating something magnificent. Indeed, the industry is often harsh and competitive but is rewarding in equal measure. Leading the way for not only the industry but also female entrepreneurs, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living is taking over the Dubai and UAE interior design world. Throughout her childhood Noor Al Muhaideb had a deep appreciation for well-designed spaces and revelled in exploring different design mediums. As she grew older, her creativity flourished, leading her to undertake an Interior Design degree at the American University of Sharjah. After graduating in 2002, her career as an interior designer began when she was hired by Emaar Properties. Developing her skills for 15 years, her portfolio blossomed, filled with endless residential, hospitality, and commercial developments. However, Noor Al Muhaideb had something greater in mind – something innovative and different that would propel her to the next stage of her career. Founding Opaal Interiors and Detay Living in 2016, the designer and businesswoman endeavoured to make a great impact on the interior design sector. As the years have flown by, the company has done just that. With a diverse portfolio of both commercial and residential projects, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living creates sleek, luxurious, and contemporary designs. With the client’s goal and its own style in mind, the company emphasises glamour and opulence in everything it does and in every creative choice it makes – from the floors to the ceilings. Behind the magnificent designs stands a strong, female-led team, and together they create a dynamic and efficient work environment that strives for perfection. Over the past year, the team has overcome the challenge of working from home, which has invoked a newfound collective sense of confidence. Additionally, there is a collective focus on evolution – the team is constantly finding ways to enhance their operations, believing that good ideas can spawn from anywhere. It is with this firmly in mind that the company has cultivated a creative environment that is a hotbed for experimentation and innovation. When looking at prospective employees, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living is drawn towards candidates that would be a natural fit for the workplace. It is imperative that the candidate is able to demonstrate creativity and holds the right qualifications. Furthermore, the company T actively searches for people who are flexible with their time, and more importantly those that can serve customers with warmth and empathy. Indeed, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living sees such traits as vital in an employee as it is a demanding yet invigorating job that requires a great amount of dedication and energy. The empowerment of women is a priority to the company – indeed, it aims to inspire women to take ownership of their dreams and start their own businesses or work their way into positions of power. Opaal Interiors and Detay Living wants to see more women in leadership roles – of course, this dream is backed by its own CEO being a successful working mother of four. Understanding the challenges that women face in the business world, the firm provides an array of advice that has been proven to work – whether it’s embracing help from family or developing a thick skin and persistence. Within the company, female employees are encouraged to become innovators and to develop their skills, it is vital to the company that women are treated as equals to their male counterparts. Opaal Interiors and Detay Living is committed to finding the balance between the desires of its clients, the demands of the industry, and the dimensions of the interior. With ingenuity and innovation, it aspires to create a harmonious balance and ultimately give the client the best possible outcome. Moreover, the firm invites the client to collaborate and form a partnership during the design and creation process, therefore ensuring the highest of quality results and a bond with the customer. It is eager to understand each client’s vision, in turn it combines its advanced knowledge of materials, textures, finishes, and colour theory to authentically elevate the client’s space. It is this mindset that sets Opaal Interiors and Detay Living apart from its competition. The relationships it forms with its clients is able to coexist with the team’s creative leadership, ultimately serving as the main motivation for the company to hire professionals with strong customer service skills. Of course, it is the clients that make the company successful, and through its methods and extensive planning, it provides multiple options to satiate their needs. In addition, Noor Al Muhaideb’s background has provided her with a great insight into the gaps in the market – therefore, she pushes her team to fulfil these underserved areas, be it through communication or experimental designs. Despite its great success, the company has faced numerous challenges during its meteoric rise. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 15 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2 39 Female-led Interior Design Takes Over has had a catastrophic impact on businesses around the world and has changed the face of many industries. Thankfully, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living avoided many of the pandemic’s major consequences and transitioned to online working. Through making this switch, the company was able to streamline its virtual collaboration process to work better than ever, utilising platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to carry out planning and internal projects. However, site supervision proved to be complicated, and as a result, the company turned to local representatives to safely provide oversight. Under Noor Al Muhaideb’s guidance, the company is heading for further success. Three years ago, Detay Living opened as a sister company, the firm manages furniture procurement and offers a vast array of on-trend and affordable items. Over the next year, the aim is to grow that company and potentially bring it to the same level of success as Opaal Interiors. Furthermore, there are plans in the works to open an office space in Saudi Arabia, with the eventual goal being to expand globally – setting its sights on opening a location in North America. Contact: Dilnaza Urinbaeva Company: Opaal Interiors and Detay Living Web Address:

16 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 1 2022 Oct21683 Leading Semiconductor Innovation, and World Technological Progress With the world more dependant than ever on technological innovations for the continual function of society, companies like NEO SEMICONDUCTOR are becoming more of a cornerstone than ever before in these efforts. As the exponential curve of innovation keeps rising, and 5G and AI technologies become more widespread, organisations will find themselves in need of ensuring that other elements of their system can work in tandem with such systems in order to allow them to truly benefit from their full capacity. Thus, NEO SEMICONDUCTOR has earned itself the title of the ‘Most Innovative Flash Memory Startup Company’ for 2020 in California by serving this need, providing a new and better flash memory solution for a new epoch. EO SEMICONDUCTOR, the winner of the most innovative flash memory startup award for 2020 has been making a name for itself with its ‘Best in Show’ product. Fundamentally, this company has been making waves since its inception, with this coming to a head during the Flash Memory Summit Conference in November of 2020; during this show, NEO SEMICONDUCTOR displayed its breakthroughs in 3D NAND Flash Memory and Architecture to a wowed crowd that went on to spread the word amongst further facets of the industry. 3D NAND flash memory, in essence, can be described as the main data storage facilitation unit used in smart phones, solid state drives, cloud storage facilities, data centres, USB drives, IoT devices, drones, and AI robotic technologies. X-NAND, therefore, is a revolutionary new version of this that aids the operations intrinsic to each of these systems working effectively. A revolutionary new way to think about 3D NAND flash memory architecture, X-NAND provides 3 times faster speed and more than 10 times the data throughput than conventional NAND flash, without an increase in cost or footprint bogging it down. In essence, it is a streamlined, relatively wasteless, and elegant solution, rejecting additional bloatware for a speedier, more cost-efficient experience that 5G, AI, and many other applications can incorporate easily and to great effect. NEO SEMICONDUCTOR promises that a client will be able to benefit from the changes that switching to X-NAND can make from day one. With a variety of top-of-the-range features that have been implemented in order to make X-NAND’s advantages over regular NAND abundantly plain, the elements that set it apart come down the architecture of the structure itself. Essentially, whilst the traditional 3D NAND flash memory device only have 2-4 planes in the Y-direction, X-NAND can increase the number of planes by order of magnitude, even reaching numbers of between 16 and 64 without ever increasing the size of the chip proper, meaning the capability of the device is increased without the client having to rearrange things in order to make more room for a bulkier device. N This also ensures that the bit line delay is reduced to only ¼ - 1/32, allowing for 4 to 32 times more data to be transferred in parallel and drastically increasing the speed of X-NAND’s performance when compared directly to the conventional NAND devices already available and on the market. Crucially, this was the primary objective for NEO SEMICONDUCTOR in creating the X-NAND system, and with its 128B Page Buffer in contrast to the regular 2KB Page Buffer one usually encounters, X-NAND’s elegance and sophistication can benefit the client in every way, making it worth the initial investment as it is sure to pay for itself over time in money saved. Additionally, arranging the array into 16-64 planes reduces the bit line length and the capacitance of the overall system to only 1/16-64, increasing the random read and write speed by 3-12 times as a direct result, whereas the layout size of conventional page buffers and large bit line capacitance the conventional NAND solution displays make for slow speed for read and program verification options. In short, X-NAND’s superiority is shown in even the most minute detail of its construction. When talking about the relative speed achieved between devices, it is of course useful to be able to track specific numbers; NEO SEMICONDUCTOR has thought of this, and its SLC Speed and QLC Cost results outline in detail how X-NAND achieves 3 times the random read and write speed of the conventional NAND solution. NEO SEMICONDUCTOR, the winner of the most innovative flash memory startup award for 2020 has been making a name for itself with its ‘Best in Show’ product.

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 17 Acquisi International - Issue 1 2022 Leading Semiconductor Innovation, and World Technological Progress It can also speak to a 27-times sequential read speed, which is truly an incredible feat. This alongside its ability to achieve a 15X sequential write speed when compared to conventional NAND flash memory does not increase any manufacturing cost either, due to the size of the chip remaining a constant factor. When it comes to the practical applications of such things, it had been held up as the technological breakthrough for the 5G and AI era. In a world where technological evolution is exponential, X-NAND architecture is a big breakthrough of 3D NAND flash memory technology that promises to make 5G and AI software implementation so much easier. Critically, the X-NAND can withstand and fulfil the high-speed requirements necessitated by such innovations. 5G and AI both require a new era to be born where the speed of the elements around them are able to match the capabilities they themselves possess, or else the advantages they give threaten to be rendered obsolete – this is where NEO SEMICONDUCTOR steps in – with its X-NAND offering kickstarting a revolution that is ushering in exciting new technology and its implementation. The technological world was quick to pick up on the story of this incredibly company and its good work, with CIO Review running a front-cover story telling its readership of NEO SEMICONDUCTOR, its staff, and its work in a special Semiconductor focused edition of the magazine in 2021. Honoured to have been included in this manner, NEO SEMICONDUCTOR extends its gratitude to CIO Review for its kindness and to the interest showed by its readership, excited to have been lauded as one of the ‘ten most promising semiconductor technology providers’ of the year. It is even slated to be featured on the CNBC series ‘The Advancements’, reaching a wider audience piece by piece and capturing the imaginations of the bold, brave, and innovative all over the world through its recent game changing improvements to high speed, high-density, low-cost data storage. This will be airing on Saturday January 22, 2022 at 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on the channel proper. From there, it will be continuing to pursue the fulfilment of its motto, ‘making the world a better place is our goal’, encouraging the world towards a brighter epoch of faster, cheaper, more effective technology that will revolutionise the processes by which the most important facets of society operate.

18 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 24 Issue 1 2022 Nov21197 Building Brilliant Brands It’s not enough simply to be a success story. Finding the right way of telling that story is crucial to being able to leverage it for professional and personal gain. That’s where the team at Frame & Famed Ltd come in. Recognised as the Most Influential Personal Branding & Image Consultant 2021 - Hong Kong in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their extraordinary success. o two stories are the same, and the key to any story being memorable is finding the unique aspects that set it apart. When the Frame & Fame team enter the picture, their only aim is to create a narrative which places you at the centre, embracing everything that makes you thoroughly unique. The building of a brand name is a incredibly delicate craft, but those who have worked with Frame & Fame have found their service unparalleled throughout the industry. Some names inspire confidence. Their brand is one which has instant recognition. Whilst the majority of people will never achieve this level of fame, the skills that push these people forward are vital additions to any professional’s toolkit. Frame & Fame are the first Personal Branding consulting and coaching agency in Asia, tailoring their services for the needs of senior executives, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs. In a globalised world, where Asian businesses are rapidly growing, it’s little wonder that these individuals trust the Frame & Fame team to put them in a position where they can become real opinion-makers. The team’s incredible range of services include personal brand narrative development, executive presence, communication coaching, CliftonStrengths-based personal brand coaching, LinkedIn profile upgrade, brand strategy, and content creation. Each aspect of the firm is carefully chosen and developed with the intention of N ensuring that the individual’s unique story reaches the maximum possible amount of people. From this meticulously crafted narrative, the team empower people to improve their presence and thereby achieve new career goals. From the first initial consultation, the team make a point of building their services around what an individual requires. Needless to say, authenticity lies at the heart of any branding decision and the Frame & Fame team work tirelessly to ensure that your personal story is told with clarity and confidence throughout a variety of different arenas. Being able to tell this story involves trusting the team with often intimate details and they have developed a reputation that is without parallel when it comes to discretion. Since opening their doors, the Frame & Fame team have reviewed over 185 personal profiles, coaches people for over 880 hours and hosted over 250 full-house events to share their insights with the industry at large. The incredible achievements of this talented team are a credit to them, and reflects the high standards they inspire at all times. Needless to say, their success is assured for many years yet to come. Company: Frame & Fame Ltd Contact: Tracy Ho Email:

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 19 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 12 33 Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company 2021 - Georgia RapiFast® LLC, one of Georgia’s Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company, produces medical devices and rapid test results regarding toxicology, pregnancy, ovulation, and much more. Specialising in Mobil Laboratory Services, RapiFast® has extensive knowledge and unmatched expertise with over nine years within the healthcare industry. It is making significant and essential improvements to the sector with its impeccably dedicated team of professionals. Oct21798 stablished in Atlanta, Georgia, RapiFast® LLC focuses on innovation and prevention through the latest technology. With a second office located in Los Angeles, California, the company has an extensive knowledge base that has succeeded rapidly throughout the industry. Leaders within the healthcare industry, RapiFast®’s products are 100% FDA approved. Additionally, being a Mobil Laboratory Service, the company has gained access to its own CLIA and certified medical director within every state in America. With an accuracy of over 99%, RapiFast® provides easy-to-use tests, ensuring that medical institutions, government entities, emergency services, and clinics can obtain results in less than five minutes. Additionally, the company is certified as aWomen’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the National Council of Women’s Business Enterprises (WBENC), one of the most significant certifiers of women-owned and operated businesses within the US. The RapiFast® business ethos is the company’s foundation, with its pillars of value being professionalism, experience, customer-centric care and innovative talent. Founder and CEO Sara Rossel explains, “We are always one step ahead of the competition, looking for new evidence, updating according to the regulations of each state, and following the guidelines of the CDC. Our commitment is to provide the certainty of a safe work environment, and our greatest achievement is to have the credibility of our clients.” With the oncoming and ever-changing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, RapiFast® has managed to adapt to the changes and adverse challenges of the modern-day world. Therefore, to combat the difficulties, the company designed a Mobil Laboratory Service that focuses on providing the best services in medical devices and laboratory testing solutions. At RapiFast®, clients are prioritised above all else and are given the attention they deserve, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or predicament. “Our clients trust us and continually use our services. Most of them became our regular customers on the recommendation of others,” states Sara Rossel. There is nothing more humbling than the marketing a satisfied customer can attest to – a global reputation built for the people, by the people to ensure a professional, trusting and excellent service. Overall, most clientele who work closely with the company is exclusively linked with the entertainment industry, artists, celebrities, NBA players, companies and institutions with private clients and events. However, E not once has the company felt the need to invest in advertising as all of its repeat and first-time customers are recommended through word of mouth or reputation alone. Currently, within the health industry, there is a lot of discussion about minorities and diversity inclusion within businesses. An ongoing conversation that offers more talk than action when it comes to actual results; however, at RapiFast®, one of its main objectives is to create a culture where people are respected and appreciated, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or heritage. “We work are a team without egos, knowing that each one of us gives the best we can. We have an internal culture in which all employees feel included by creating an environment where they feel safe, respected, appreciated and open to talk to me as a person and a CEO,” explains Sara Rossel. Moreover, the company has newand innovative projects in development for the oncoming year. One of these ventures is the pursuit of Sara Rossel’s first book, where she explains her experience and success as a Latina entrepreneur and woman within the industry. “As an entrepreneur, I have the wonderful opportunity to turn my passions into profit and help the community. It’s a wonderful path full of challenges and moments of wisdom but staying positive allows you to see the potential within you and gives you the faith needed to step out of the box and achieve your dreams,” Sara Rossel states. Being able to call yourself a successful company within the challenging healthcare industry and become recognised as the Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company is a grand achievement. However, there is no doubt that RapiFast® and Sara Rossel have momentous years left to come as a business and as role-model for women within the industry. Company: RapiFast® LLC Sara Rossel Founder & CEO Email: Web Address:

20 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 12 2021 Oct21236 Plant-Powered Biotech Beauty Codex Beauty Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting microbiome. Its pioneering cruelty-free products are clinically-proven to provide meaningful benefits. In light of the company being named Most Innovative Bioscience-Based Skincare Company 2021 – USA in this issue of Acquisition International, we explore what makes biotech beauty so great, not only for the consumer, but the environment, too. odex Beauty Labs’ mission is to blend the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology with biotech innovation to create a new standard within the natural space: plant-based biotech beauty. It is a new wave in beauty that doesn’t play by the rules – it invents them. Codex Beauty utilises biotech beauty to engineer the next generation in pure clinical results. But first, what exactly is biotech beauty? Biotech beauty is the process of creating skin-benefiting elements from plant-based (renewable) materials through fermentation or cell culture to formulate performative bio actives – this is the key ingredient used by Codex Beauty. The science of biotech beauty uses microbes (bacteria, yeast, algae) to sustainably produce high-tech skincare actives for effective results. Codex Beauty’s innovative approach to skincare results in more efficient production of ‘all the good stuff’ for pure, concentrated ingredients which use less water and energy for minimum waste and maximum efficacy. Codex Beauty Labs was founded by CEO, Dr Barbara Paldus, who, as a scientist, believes in data and biotechnology. Codex Beauty was conceived from a need to deliver high-efficacy skincare solutions that defy the mainstream with science-based effective ingredients. From top to bottom, Barbara has created a line that puts the plant power back into consumers’ hands – with the results to back it up. Dr Paldus said, “I think that transparency and trust are missing from the skincare industry. There is simply not enough information for people to make truly informed decisions. We would like to change that by being an ‘open book’. [sic] We can do our best and share what we do know is healthy, beneficial and effective.” Psychologically, there is a strong sense of reassurance when using plant-powered biotech ingredients directly on your skin. Codex Beauty’s planet-friendly, plant-derived skincare has the efficacy stats to support feeling good; that’s why it remains transparent about its scientific claims and clinical findings. Using a unique science-meets-nature beauty philosophy, Codex Beauty with the help of ethnobotanists identifies medicinal plants, then thoroughly researches the impact of their actives on gene expression in skin cells. Codex Beauty utilises either state-of-the-art extract methods or bio-fermentation to create the resulting actives, C and it then formulates to enhance the potency of the performance of these bio actives. Focusing on using plants, such as extracts of soothing rosehip in its Revitalising Facial Oil, as opposed to fossil fuels, Codex Beauty can produce its bio actives in a sustainable way to minimise its overall carbon footprint. This process is one of the ways the company is envisioning the future of skincare. It is committed to minimising the environmental impact of every aspect of its operation. Alongside sourcing ingredients that are biotechmanufactured, Codex Beauty ensures its packaging is fully recyclable, with its product tubes produced using carbon-reducing polyethylene from renewable sugar cane, as well as its cartons being PSC-certified. It has minimised its carbon footprint in shipping and distribution, too, and its goal is to have a zero carbon footprint by 2025. Codex Beauty also supports the Nagoya protocol and invests in building infrastructure for better working conditions, access to healthcare and education, while also exercising Fair Trade, supporting local growers and indigenous harvesters and paying fair market prices to local communities. Supporting, protecting, and preserving the ecology and biodiversity of the areas where its partners harvest, Codex Beauty is able to provide economic support to local communities, spearheading its high standards for inclusivity and sustainability in beauty production. Biotech beauty is the process of creating skin-benefiting elements from plant-based (renewable) materials through fermentation or cell culture to formulate performative bio actives – this is the key ingredient used by Codex Beauty.