Global Excellence 2021

16 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 1 2022 Oct21683 Leading Semiconductor Innovation, and World Technological Progress With the world more dependant than ever on technological innovations for the continual function of society, companies like NEO SEMICONDUCTOR are becoming more of a cornerstone than ever before in these efforts. As the exponential curve of innovation keeps rising, and 5G and AI technologies become more widespread, organisations will find themselves in need of ensuring that other elements of their system can work in tandem with such systems in order to allow them to truly benefit from their full capacity. Thus, NEO SEMICONDUCTOR has earned itself the title of the ‘Most Innovative Flash Memory Startup Company’ for 2020 in California by serving this need, providing a new and better flash memory solution for a new epoch. EO SEMICONDUCTOR, the winner of the most innovative flash memory startup award for 2020 has been making a name for itself with its ‘Best in Show’ product. Fundamentally, this company has been making waves since its inception, with this coming to a head during the Flash Memory Summit Conference in November of 2020; during this show, NEO SEMICONDUCTOR displayed its breakthroughs in 3D NAND Flash Memory and Architecture to a wowed crowd that went on to spread the word amongst further facets of the industry. 3D NAND flash memory, in essence, can be described as the main data storage facilitation unit used in smart phones, solid state drives, cloud storage facilities, data centres, USB drives, IoT devices, drones, and AI robotic technologies. X-NAND, therefore, is a revolutionary new version of this that aids the operations intrinsic to each of these systems working effectively. A revolutionary new way to think about 3D NAND flash memory architecture, X-NAND provides 3 times faster speed and more than 10 times the data throughput than conventional NAND flash, without an increase in cost or footprint bogging it down. In essence, it is a streamlined, relatively wasteless, and elegant solution, rejecting additional bloatware for a speedier, more cost-efficient experience that 5G, AI, and many other applications can incorporate easily and to great effect. NEO SEMICONDUCTOR promises that a client will be able to benefit from the changes that switching to X-NAND can make from day one. With a variety of top-of-the-range features that have been implemented in order to make X-NAND’s advantages over regular NAND abundantly plain, the elements that set it apart come down the architecture of the structure itself. Essentially, whilst the traditional 3D NAND flash memory device only have 2-4 planes in the Y-direction, X-NAND can increase the number of planes by order of magnitude, even reaching numbers of between 16 and 64 without ever increasing the size of the chip proper, meaning the capability of the device is increased without the client having to rearrange things in order to make more room for a bulkier device. N This also ensures that the bit line delay is reduced to only ¼ - 1/32, allowing for 4 to 32 times more data to be transferred in parallel and drastically increasing the speed of X-NAND’s performance when compared directly to the conventional NAND devices already available and on the market. Crucially, this was the primary objective for NEO SEMICONDUCTOR in creating the X-NAND system, and with its 128B Page Buffer in contrast to the regular 2KB Page Buffer one usually encounters, X-NAND’s elegance and sophistication can benefit the client in every way, making it worth the initial investment as it is sure to pay for itself over time in money saved. Additionally, arranging the array into 16-64 planes reduces the bit line length and the capacitance of the overall system to only 1/16-64, increasing the random read and write speed by 3-12 times as a direct result, whereas the layout size of conventional page buffers and large bit line capacitance the conventional NAND solution displays make for slow speed for read and program verification options. In short, X-NAND’s superiority is shown in even the most minute detail of its construction. When talking about the relative speed achieved between devices, it is of course useful to be able to track specific numbers; NEO SEMICONDUCTOR has thought of this, and its SLC Speed and QLC Cost results outline in detail how X-NAND achieves 3 times the random read and write speed of the conventional NAND solution. NEO SEMICONDUCTOR, the winner of the most innovative flash memory startup award for 2020 has been making a name for itself with its ‘Best in Show’ product.