Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 17 Acquisi International - Issue 1 2022 Leading Semiconductor Innovation, and World Technological Progress It can also speak to a 27-times sequential read speed, which is truly an incredible feat. This alongside its ability to achieve a 15X sequential write speed when compared to conventional NAND flash memory does not increase any manufacturing cost either, due to the size of the chip remaining a constant factor. When it comes to the practical applications of such things, it had been held up as the technological breakthrough for the 5G and AI era. In a world where technological evolution is exponential, X-NAND architecture is a big breakthrough of 3D NAND flash memory technology that promises to make 5G and AI software implementation so much easier. Critically, the X-NAND can withstand and fulfil the high-speed requirements necessitated by such innovations. 5G and AI both require a new era to be born where the speed of the elements around them are able to match the capabilities they themselves possess, or else the advantages they give threaten to be rendered obsolete – this is where NEO SEMICONDUCTOR steps in – with its X-NAND offering kickstarting a revolution that is ushering in exciting new technology and its implementation. The technological world was quick to pick up on the story of this incredibly company and its good work, with CIO Review running a front-cover story telling its readership of NEO SEMICONDUCTOR, its staff, and its work in a special Semiconductor focused edition of the magazine in 2021. Honoured to have been included in this manner, NEO SEMICONDUCTOR extends its gratitude to CIO Review for its kindness and to the interest showed by its readership, excited to have been lauded as one of the ‘ten most promising semiconductor technology providers’ of the year. It is even slated to be featured on the CNBC series ‘The Advancements’, reaching a wider audience piece by piece and capturing the imaginations of the bold, brave, and innovative all over the world through its recent game changing improvements to high speed, high-density, low-cost data storage. This will be airing on Saturday January 22, 2022 at 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on the channel proper. From there, it will be continuing to pursue the fulfilment of its motto, ‘making the world a better place is our goal’, encouraging the world towards a brighter epoch of faster, cheaper, more effective technology that will revolutionise the processes by which the most important facets of society operate.