Global Excellence 2021

18 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 24 Issue 1 2022 Nov21197 Building Brilliant Brands It’s not enough simply to be a success story. Finding the right way of telling that story is crucial to being able to leverage it for professional and personal gain. That’s where the team at Frame & Famed Ltd come in. Recognised as the Most Influential Personal Branding & Image Consultant 2021 - Hong Kong in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their extraordinary success. o two stories are the same, and the key to any story being memorable is finding the unique aspects that set it apart. When the Frame & Fame team enter the picture, their only aim is to create a narrative which places you at the centre, embracing everything that makes you thoroughly unique. The building of a brand name is a incredibly delicate craft, but those who have worked with Frame & Fame have found their service unparalleled throughout the industry. Some names inspire confidence. Their brand is one which has instant recognition. Whilst the majority of people will never achieve this level of fame, the skills that push these people forward are vital additions to any professional’s toolkit. Frame & Fame are the first Personal Branding consulting and coaching agency in Asia, tailoring their services for the needs of senior executives, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs. In a globalised world, where Asian businesses are rapidly growing, it’s little wonder that these individuals trust the Frame & Fame team to put them in a position where they can become real opinion-makers. The team’s incredible range of services include personal brand narrative development, executive presence, communication coaching, CliftonStrengths-based personal brand coaching, LinkedIn profile upgrade, brand strategy, and content creation. Each aspect of the firm is carefully chosen and developed with the intention of N ensuring that the individual’s unique story reaches the maximum possible amount of people. From this meticulously crafted narrative, the team empower people to improve their presence and thereby achieve new career goals. From the first initial consultation, the team make a point of building their services around what an individual requires. Needless to say, authenticity lies at the heart of any branding decision and the Frame & Fame team work tirelessly to ensure that your personal story is told with clarity and confidence throughout a variety of different arenas. Being able to tell this story involves trusting the team with often intimate details and they have developed a reputation that is without parallel when it comes to discretion. Since opening their doors, the Frame & Fame team have reviewed over 185 personal profiles, coaches people for over 880 hours and hosted over 250 full-house events to share their insights with the industry at large. The incredible achievements of this talented team are a credit to them, and reflects the high standards they inspire at all times. Needless to say, their success is assured for many years yet to come. Company: Frame & Fame Ltd Contact: Tracy Ho Email: