Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 19 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 12 33 Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company 2021 - Georgia RapiFast® LLC, one of Georgia’s Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company, produces medical devices and rapid test results regarding toxicology, pregnancy, ovulation, and much more. Specialising in Mobil Laboratory Services, RapiFast® has extensive knowledge and unmatched expertise with over nine years within the healthcare industry. It is making significant and essential improvements to the sector with its impeccably dedicated team of professionals. Oct21798 stablished in Atlanta, Georgia, RapiFast® LLC focuses on innovation and prevention through the latest technology. With a second office located in Los Angeles, California, the company has an extensive knowledge base that has succeeded rapidly throughout the industry. Leaders within the healthcare industry, RapiFast®’s products are 100% FDA approved. Additionally, being a Mobil Laboratory Service, the company has gained access to its own CLIA and certified medical director within every state in America. With an accuracy of over 99%, RapiFast® provides easy-to-use tests, ensuring that medical institutions, government entities, emergency services, and clinics can obtain results in less than five minutes. Additionally, the company is certified as aWomen’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the National Council of Women’s Business Enterprises (WBENC), one of the most significant certifiers of women-owned and operated businesses within the US. The RapiFast® business ethos is the company’s foundation, with its pillars of value being professionalism, experience, customer-centric care and innovative talent. Founder and CEO Sara Rossel explains, “We are always one step ahead of the competition, looking for new evidence, updating according to the regulations of each state, and following the guidelines of the CDC. Our commitment is to provide the certainty of a safe work environment, and our greatest achievement is to have the credibility of our clients.” With the oncoming and ever-changing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, RapiFast® has managed to adapt to the changes and adverse challenges of the modern-day world. Therefore, to combat the difficulties, the company designed a Mobil Laboratory Service that focuses on providing the best services in medical devices and laboratory testing solutions. At RapiFast®, clients are prioritised above all else and are given the attention they deserve, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or predicament. “Our clients trust us and continually use our services. Most of them became our regular customers on the recommendation of others,” states Sara Rossel. There is nothing more humbling than the marketing a satisfied customer can attest to – a global reputation built for the people, by the people to ensure a professional, trusting and excellent service. Overall, most clientele who work closely with the company is exclusively linked with the entertainment industry, artists, celebrities, NBA players, companies and institutions with private clients and events. However, E not once has the company felt the need to invest in advertising as all of its repeat and first-time customers are recommended through word of mouth or reputation alone. Currently, within the health industry, there is a lot of discussion about minorities and diversity inclusion within businesses. An ongoing conversation that offers more talk than action when it comes to actual results; however, at RapiFast®, one of its main objectives is to create a culture where people are respected and appreciated, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or heritage. “We work are a team without egos, knowing that each one of us gives the best we can. We have an internal culture in which all employees feel included by creating an environment where they feel safe, respected, appreciated and open to talk to me as a person and a CEO,” explains Sara Rossel. Moreover, the company has newand innovative projects in development for the oncoming year. One of these ventures is the pursuit of Sara Rossel’s first book, where she explains her experience and success as a Latina entrepreneur and woman within the industry. “As an entrepreneur, I have the wonderful opportunity to turn my passions into profit and help the community. It’s a wonderful path full of challenges and moments of wisdom but staying positive allows you to see the potential within you and gives you the faith needed to step out of the box and achieve your dreams,” Sara Rossel states. Being able to call yourself a successful company within the challenging healthcare industry and become recognised as the Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company is a grand achievement. However, there is no doubt that RapiFast® and Sara Rossel have momentous years left to come as a business and as role-model for women within the industry. Company: RapiFast® LLC Sara Rossel Founder & CEO Email: Web Address: