Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 85 8 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2021 May21446 The Next Generation of Business or twenty years, Neil Mistry worked on the inside of the IT industry, acting as both a salesman and a consultant to organizations across Canada. He has had the pleasure of working for some of the largest technology Original Equipment Manufacturers and Value Added Resellers during his career, which has opened his eyes to the unique challenges of the sector. In 2018, he launched MIS3, a brand which has stood for business transformation through IT modernization since its inception. The work that Neil and his team undertake means that they are able to act as a strategic business and technology partner for clients. They transform and reimagine their business model through the adoption of a proprietary IT Modernization framework. This framework has an Application Centric philosophy allowing any organization of any size to adopt, globally, if they truly want to achieve Secure Digital Transformation. Only the latest technologies are used to ensure that companies are in the best possible position to Securely Digitally Transform. Neil’s approach is drawn from his incredible history within the industry. In a previous position as Director of Sales Public Sector, he saw that government was desperate to understand the business value that technology provided and started to shift their technology spend towards a next generation of technologies. This change has taken the market as a whole by storm and is now a major factor in all verticals. This shift has not yet been understood by all industries. While New and Emerging Next Generation technologies focused on Infrastructure, Cyber Security and IT Operations are becoming easier to use, less complex and easier to deploy, they are still lagging behind on legacy products. Neil’s five-step methodology – the IT Modernization Framework – has been key to allowing many businesses to grow into this new and exciting age. He has focused on the one thing all businesses have in common – applications. MIS3 focuses on new and emerging next-gen technologies that enable a thriving IT Modernization framework. When Neil first opened up shop, he had clients who knew the value of that framework. As time has gone on, more and more people have seen the value in what he has to offer. The firm has grown from a team of one to a staff of nearly twenty. In the first twenty months of operation, the team raised $8 million in revenue. It’s an astonishing achievement, entirely down to his unique perspective and desire to help business to transform. For many, an investment in technology is one that can fall away without trace, but there can be incredible value to not looking simply at digital transformation, but business transformation. This reimagines how businesses operate for the next generation. MIS3 has become F The corporate world is in constant flux, driven by the demands of digital modernization. We take a look at the team from Managing Information Systems 3 Inc (MIS3), and how they are transforming business models for the needs of tomorrow. Recognized as one of 2021’s Leaders in Digital Transformation Solutions – Canada in Acquisition International’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, we thought it appropriate to dig a little deeper into how this team has achieved such tremendous success. the key channel for new and emerging next generation technology companies to enter Canada. Together they provide awareness and education to government and private sector companies across the region around who and what these next generation technologies are, and how they can help them achieve Secure Digital Transformation. The world is on the brink of a new era, and only a careful attention to detail will ensure that businesses survive this challenging transition. The team at MIS3 are the ideal partners to work with, ensuring that what digital decisions you make are focused entirely on what value is added to the organization as a whole. This is the secret behind the team’s remarkable success and what will lead them into a profitable future indeed. Company: Managing Information Systems 3 Inc Name: Neil Mistry Email: