Global Excellence 2021

84 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 28 Issue 9 2021 The Robust Advice Behind Structural Failure Consultancy James Cohen Consulting is a sole trader consultancy working hard to provide the best advice, support, and litigations services for entities handling incidences of structural collapse or failure. With his efforts having won him the award for the ‘Best Forensic Engineering Consultancy’ in 2021 for the East Coast of the USA, James Cohen has become one of the foremost experts in his field. ith 40 years of experience in forensic engineering, failure investigation, mitigation, response, repair, and rehabilitation, James Cohen Consulting is a company led by sole consultant, the eponymous James Cohen. His efforts in providing some of the best consultancy work available on the east coast of the USA have meant for a reputation of expert testimony, outstanding results, and comprehensive services that a client can always rely on from beginning to end. Fundamentally, in showing each of his clients by nature of his past successes how they can put their trust in him, James Cohen ensure that every client feels reassured that no matter how big or small the problem, they have one of the best experts on their side. Having provided testimony in a myriad of different situations in forensic engineering, such as numerous collapse and litigation projects – some of which involved fire, hurricane, earthquake, wind, and flood damage – has earned notoriety across several areas. He has also worked within local, state, and federal courts. With such a broad and deep level of knowledge in his portfolio, his testimony has been called upon multiple times to be the expert voice in situations of construction failure, such as for MNSBC. W Jul21016 In essence, his work is in service of clients such as insurers, adjusters, attorneys, owners, contractors, designers, property managers, manufacturers, and municipal or governmental bodies for a wide variety of structural forms and types. No matter the material or stage the construction reached in its completion, James Cohen will be able to lend his expertise to the task for domestic and foreign clients both, allowing him to work across borders where permitted by licensing. As well as his expansive portfolio in terms of cases he has been involved with, there are a myriad for which he took point in terms of personal technical responsibility; these have included structural failure proceedings, forensic engineering regarding major building collapse, historical structure degradation, landmark structure investigation, construction means and methods investigations, and more. He has also seen cases that involve industrial facilities, precast concrete, telecommunications towers, scaffolding, and tower cranes, as well as materials like stone, masonry, timber, glass steel, concrete, cables, and slings. All of these can fall under his expansive roster of repair and renovation past projects. Lastly, as a sole trader, James Cohen has to rely solely on his own acumen in order to push himself and his clients towards success. It is the diligence and tenacity with which he handles this that has made him a consistent favourite amongst his clientele, ensuring many of them become return clients, and most of which recommend him to peers and colleagues. Such exemplary work has earned him the Partner In Mitigation fellowship accreditation, sponsored by ASCE and IBHS to FEMA, and he is also a former Advanced Structures Specialist on the New Jersey USAR team. He was even a first responder for the attack on the World Trade Centre in 9/11. In this, one can see how seriously he takes his business, and how his clients can always rely on him to be in their corner, something they can continue to trust in as he moves forward towards the rest of the year. Company: James Cohen Consulting Contact: James Cohen Website: