Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 181 Acquisi International - Issu 2021 13 Technical Support Services Secure Success for Qcom As a leading technical services and support specialist, Qcom Outsourcing Ltd works with technology manufacturers as an outsource or project partner, delivering technical services and aftermarket support on their behalf to achieve efficient and effective delivery and an outstanding customer experience. As the firm is named the Best Technical Outsourcing Company, 2021 – Europe in this latest issue of Acquisition International Magazine, we profile its work and successes to find out more. Whether it be customer helpdesk and technical support services, field repairs, preventative maintenance, warranty management, workshop repair, inventory, logistics, product trials, demos, site surveys, configuration, installation, or customer training, Qcom is here to help. The firm works with global and domestic technology manufacturers in sectors such as retail, food, hospitality, logistics, transport, manufacturing, medical and consumer goods, and helps them meet a variety of objectives. Qcom strives to help its clients achieve one or more of three core objectives. First, a company may be looking for a complete warranty and technical service capability where they previously had none, usually to help open and grow new markets. Qcom can fulfil that need, and make it seamless to ensure that the client company can focus on doing what it does best, whilst leaving the warranty and technical service capabilities to the professionals. Second, a client may look to supplement existing resources, or free their own technical employees to focus on the core business rather than fulfil a support role. If so, Qcom can step into that void to help. The third core objective that Qcom helps its clients achieve is when one-off, high-volume projects like a product recall or upgrade demand a rapid response that an existing in-house team simply cannot provide. As the firm seeks to provide support services to meet these three core areas, word has spread through recommendations and testimonials about just how good Qcom really is. Not only does this lead to repeat business and new business alike, but also means that new relationships are started off with a strong degree of trust between the partners. Of course, there will always be challenges in this sector. Among the long-term challenges are the introduction of new technology categories and the increasing demand for 24-7 service provision. However, COVID-19 has presented what is arguably the biggest challenge in Qcom’s long history. Having spent the last year implementing and continually evolving its contingency planning, the firm is extremely proud to have maintained a 100% service uptime and kept vital technology working in key sectors such as healthcare, supply chain, logistics, and food retail. Yet, there is still much to do. W The immediate priority for Qcom will be measures to meet the remaining challenges from the pandemic, including further investment in helpdesk and engineering resources, as well as more resilient and flexible systems and working patterns, and innovation and liaison with manufacturers to minimise any disruption to component and parts availability. Beyond that, Qcom’s attention is already turning to the challenge of meeting increased levels of demand, which they forecast will be driven by a number of factors. First, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of a whole raft of technologies. Throughout retail, hospitality, supply chain, logistics, healthcare and more, this is creating opportunities to roll out new smart technologies and to reconfigure and upgrade existing equipment with new functionality. Second, technology companies are inevitably looking at how to restructure in the face of a deep, and potentially worsening, recession. For most manufacturers, technical service and support is the type of non-core function which can benefit from the efficiencies of outsourcing. Qcom is already onboarding a number of new outsource clients, and seeing a rising number of enquiries about outsourcing contracts. Finally, while the initial motivation for outsourcing is typically to reduce costs, more and more businesses will start to look at restructuring as part of their bounce back planning. They will be looking to create the most efficient and effective platform for a quicker recovery and stronger long-term performance. Ultimately, these are all challenges which Qcom welcomes and will go the extra mile to meet head on. The business will continue to invest in support for new technologies; to expand still further its 24-7 service delivery; and to keep looking for opportunities to further extend its Europe-wide service coverage. For now, the firm can enjoy this latest accolade and look forward to a very bright future indeed. Company: Qcom Outsourcing Ltd Contact: Neil Anderson Website: Nov20689