Global Excellence 2021

60 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 23 Company: Biramis Management Partners Ltd Name: Christiane Hutchinson Email: christiane.hutchinson@ Wealth For The Future othing lasts forever. Every business owner, even the most successful, must know when to stand aside and move away from what they have built. No matter if this is through a trade sale, management buyout, or passing the business on to a family member, it’s vital to consider the nature of your departure. A welldesigned exit strategy benefits all parties, but must be considered at an early stage. To some, departure simply means leaving a business behind, but for many business owners, they want to have long-term benefit from their own success. Biramis has built its name on being able to build a strong wealth creation plan that is woven into the fabric of the exit strategy. N When you’ve spent years building a business up, it’s essential to have a strategy for departure that gives you your dues. The team at Biramis Management Partners Ltd focus exclusively on this issue, building wealth creation into their client’s exit strategy. Named Most Outstanding Exit Strategies Consulting Firm 2021 – UK in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we though it time to take a closer look at the business. Sep21041 The team’s knowledge of the industry allows them to maximise the potential personal wealth that can be gained from a successful exit in a variety of situations. The best business exit strategies follow the approach taken by Biramis, in that they are thoroughly bespoke. Balancing a plan to meet the needs of the business and the departing owner is never easy but the Biramis team are ideally equipped to make it happen. Leaving a business affects all parties, after all, with tax implications and lifestyle consequences clear to all. Finding ways to overcome these technical challenges is not easy at all, but working with these specialists cuts through much of the complexity involved. The team’s focus on the future applies to the business as much as it does to the owner. Biramis prides itself on handing over sustainable businesses that will thrive long into the future. Through a process that enhances performance at all levels, the Biramis team align their client’s workforce with business objectives which is a critical factor for success. The focus and growth of Biramis is a credit not only to the team, but to the founder and CEO Christiane Hutchinson. She is a specialist in the field of growth strategy and value creation management with a strong network of contacts and connections. This is a result of 25 years of consulting in the industry. When Biramis makes suggestions and proposes ideas for its clients, it does so with the guidance and expertise of Christiane right behind it. The team have all benefitted from the unique experience that Christiane brings to the table. Long-term wealth lies at the heart of what Biramis do. For many business owners, the day-to-day operations fill every part of their lives and they struggle to prepare for what is yet to come. Building that plan that prepares their clients for the future is what the Biramis team do. They take on the strain of ensuring that these hard-working individuals can thrive and enjoy life when they move on from their companies. We celebrate their success and look forward to what the future will bring to this amazing firm. Biramis has built its name on being able to build a strong wealth creation plan that is woven into the fabric of the exit strategy.