Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 59 16 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2021 Aug21374 marketing material and promotions, appreciating how it uses the latest and greatest technologies, and valuing its consistent dedication to innovation and creativity. Its staff, in this manner, are all highly proficient problem solvers and raring to go in producing new, fresh ideas. With its content creation, social media optimisation, website design, and lead generation, its work will create leads for any client, proud to say that over the years, its services have become synonymous with friendly, in-depth, and empathic customer service. NXT Generation will work in collaboration with a client to build a plan of action when it comes to their marketing, ensuring they’re respected and comfortable in order to build long term relationships; due to this, its staff are a huge part of the current success that the company is enjoying. After all, it is their talent and professionalism that draws customers back, and each person’s unique perspectives are equally valued in order to grant its team creative freedom. Whilst Covid-19 made for interesting challenges across the board, including for NXT Generation, it rallied the troops and pulled through. Thanks to its diligent and hardworking staff, the patience of its clients, and the support of its partners, it is pleased to say that tackling the hurdles it had to face down was nothing it couldn’t handle, pivoting to an online business model with sophistication. This allowed it to glean a number of awards for the continued excellence of tis work during these troubled times, with 2021 being its most successful year yet. On course to hit double the revenue of last year, it has enjoyed successful Google PPC lead generation and a number of exemplary new hires, looking forward to using these achievements as springboards to further growth as it moves into the future. An Outstanding Global Player in Modern Marketing XT Generation, a direct response marketing agency – based in London and Los Angeles both – handles the presentation of the most innovative media solutions to its clients. Fundamentally, it focuses on the inventive nature of marketing and how to create the next best thing that will prove a sure-fire way to catch the eyes of its client’s market segment, having served companies across the industries of investment, real estate, wellness and travel companies, and more. NXT Generation has therefore become known as an exemplary lead generation agency, as well as an outstanding video marketing solution that will grant its client’s business a whole new lease of life, boosting profits for the company and notoriety for its products through social media and visual campaigns. In essence, NXT Generation knows that in order for a company to thrive in the modern world, a healthy online footprint is pivotal. This has become even truer than ever over the past year, and so its spotlighting lead generation produces highly targeted campaigns that are tailor made to reach the demographic a client wishes to reach out to, made possible by its team’s stunning depth and breadth of knowledge in social media solutions. Additionally, its email marketing services, voice qualified lead generation, and PPC lead generation have also brought it repute through the consistent results from each such service, and it is also highly proficient in creating content for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Its high-end and incredibly well thought out marketing solutions all contain that signature NXT Generation prestige, but never lose sight of the client it’s representing. Therefore, it has accumulated a roster of thrilled past clients who use it as their one-stop-shop for new N As the ‘Best Property Investment Lead Generation Firm’ in 2021 for the UK, NXT Generation is a marketing agency with a difference. Over the past year, it has accumulated significantly more success as its exponential path to further growth shows no signs of stopping, creating strong relationships with the clients for whom it has created significant amounts of lead generation by way of innovative, creative, and stunning marketing solutions. Company: NXT Generation Contact: Johnathan Pach Website: