Global Excellence 2021

58 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 10 Issue 9 2021 The Future of Energy Efficient Homes Becoming a household name for renewables in Scotland by heating one household at a time, the Greener Energy Group has become accredited as the ‘Most Outstanding Energy Saving Solutions Provider’ in 2021 for the UK. With the provision of free EV charges to its solar panel customers, encouraging small scale changes that can have a wider impact, and delivering low-cost, low-carbon, bespoke heating, it is dedicated to helping the world become a more sustainable place. reener Energy Group is a specialist when it comes to renewable heating and energy saving solutions for the home. With the installation of solar panels, air source heat pumps, German electric heating, and energy efficient boilers, it serves the mainland of Scotland with energy saving solutions that its clients laud as exemplary and that have earned them notoriety across the whole of the UK as a result. Additionally, the bespoke nature of its products allows it to create bespoke heating systems. This is something rarely seen in its industry, ensuring that Greener Energy Group stands out from the crowd by replacing old, expensive, environmentally damaging fossil-fuel powered heating systems with something that is truly built to fit a home. Reducing the risk of malfunction, increasing cost effectiveness, and massively reducing carbon emissions, word about this company soon spread quickly. Fundamentally, it’s no wonder that its clients have been excited to pass on the word when one considers the principles behind this company’s operation, building its processes on the foundational belief that every home deserves green and inexpensive heating solutions. Made even more prevalent during the pandemic with its #MakeScotlandGreener campaign, Greener Energy Group created this in order to bring the focus back to the earth upon which civilisation depends, and how changing to environmentally friendly solutions is the most sensible solution by all accounts. G Aug21114 Nowadays, its plants a tree for every customer who books in a home assessment and quote form its expert team, excited to welcome the new influx of clients on board in playing a bigger part in the fight to make a greener Scotland, and greener world. It hopes to continue this long into the future, building awareness through further social campaigns. Additionally, with most of its client base made up of retired homeowners looking to upgrade their home energy systems in order to save money, it often finds that its clients come to it through Trust Pilot and other independent review sites thanks to the glowing comments and commendations of its past customers viewable through them. It wishes to take the time to thank every client who leaves a review – it is honoured to have cultivated such trust, and proud to serve such a loyal customer base. Moreover, its staff are a crucial element of what has allowed it to come so far; each of them carries out their role with diligence and efficiency, keeping customer care at the fore in order to provide 5-star service and 5-star installations. Its contractors are well trained, work cleanly, and operate sensitively, maintain an attitude of respect and helpfulness throughout the interactions with the client and rest of the team at large. Despite the challenges of the pandemic – such as short staffing, scheduling problems, and supply issues – it has been able to reflect on its place within the industry and world at large, coming out of it bigger and better than ever, with a new goal to help the world reach NetZero by 2045. Therefore, it has been staunchly working harder than ever in order to make itself more environmentally friendly, and to show its clients how incorporating its services into their home will help them do the same, keeping them toasty warm in the process. Company: Greener Energy Group Contact: Shaun Woods Website: