Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 57 Acquisition International - Issue 9 11 Aug21090 Company: ParrisWhittaker Contact: Jacy Whittaker Email: Website: Global Company with a Homegrown Heart arrisWhittaker has been designed to accommodate both non-Bahamas businesses that need sharp, local expertise and local/regional businesses that want a trusted hand and assistance that is available 24/7. That’s why it offers such a broad array of services. As litigation and maritime experts, ParrisWhittaker has built legal specialties around its strengths and clients’ needs. Mostly serving companies with a global reach or a specialised focus in the maritime industry, ParrisWhittaker prides itself on building relationships that lead to the results that clients are desirous of. What defines the firm the most is how it does what it does; it has a genuine interest in who its clients are and what they need. It is a global-minded company with a genuine homegrown heart. At its core, ParrisWhittaker is a business of customer and client care. It answers when they call and reaches out when they don’t. Its staff and attorneys are invested in gaining a positive outcome for them. ParrisWhittaker prides itself on accessibility, clarity, and comfort. Beautiful logos and websites do not mean anything unless the client experience reflects its promise. These collective experiences help to provide better service, recruit better talent, and create consistent longevity. P ParrisWhittaker is a boutique law firm with Bohemian roots, international reach and global impact. With over 70 years’ experience, it is a firm that will always believe every client deserves individualised attention, agility and responsiveness. We take a closer look in light of it being named Most Outstanding Maritime Litigation Firm 2021 – Bahamas by Acquisition International magazine. Most of ParrisWhittaker’s operations are now remote due to the pandemic and as a result, it has found the silver lining of increased client retention. While COVID-19 has forced businesses to get up to speed with technology, and there have been hardships, there has been a positive side. The use of more advanced technology has allowed ParrisWhittaker to deliver service more rapidly whilst not losing the human touch. As it continues going through the pandemic, there are certain ideals that it needs to constantly align with, but that is precisely how it can grow stronger. The legal industry has seen its challenges this year, however these come with opportunities. ParrisWhittaker’s plans for closing 2021 and going into 2022 include expansion. Currently, it has affiliate offices throughout the Caribbean, however it will be taking progressive steps to have more significant funding in other jurisdictions. It realises that there is a niche that has been left empty by many other law firms. In every jurisdiction, you either have solo practitioners or you have the mega law firms, but there is no mid market firm that is multijurisdictional. ParrisWhittaker feels as if there is a space that it has the resources and capabilities to fill.