Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 61 14 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2021 The Backbone of Medical Product Marketing Not a PR Agency or an ad firm, but a marketing company shaping its clients’ public image one element at a time, the Bichsel Medical Marketing Group has made itself the ‘Best Specialist Marketing Services Firm’ in 2021 for Medical Devices. With decades of experience across care areas, disease states, medical procedures, and marketing, it picks up the stress of getting a product and company’s imagine market ready off of the client in order to allow them to concentrate on what truly matters. ichsel Medical Marketing Group – or BMMG – is a medical marketing business dedicated to supporting the professionals in its industry to stand out. Giving early-stage innovators the leg-up they need to be able to compete in a diverse, dynamic, and sometimes cut-throat industry, it supports companies who wish to take their planning and commercialization to the next level. In doing so, it promises a comprehensive and empathic service, led by diligent and sensitive staff who will work hard to understand the business, its practices, its goals, and its structure, fitting itself seamlessly around existing ways of working so that its client can instantly see the benefit of. Fundamentally, it helps clients who wish to take their medical innovations to market, but need to limit staffing. Here is where BMMG can step in; it takes on the role of an outsourced marketing team at a cost-effective price and on an interim basis, allowing clients to remain lean and adaptive whilst not overworking their existing team with the added pressure of marketing. Having provided this service for 7 years now, it has thusly developed a long roster of loyal clientele who depend on it as their medical marketing one-stop-shop solution, having seen it evolve into a long-term outsourced marketing solution thanks to their constant support. B Aug21002 Clients wanting to minimize their FTE count can also find significant value in investing in BMMG. Focused exclusively on the early stage MedTech, Biotech, and Diagnostics industries, its work is highly specific and targeted, allowing it to provide incredibly comprehensive services within these niches that ensure a client’s product and company will hit the ground running. Not an ad agency, and not a PR firm, it is staffed by medical professionals and the heads of marketing companies, many of whom have been through the start-up phase of businesses themselves and so know exactly what challenges a client will be facing, and how to handle them. The uniqueness of its company, therefore, comes from the empathic nature of its staff. Moreover, due to this its team is the lifeblood of its organization, with seasoned sales and marketing professionals and scientifically minded academics, they communicate across a structure that puts the client first and allows each team to work together flawlessly. With the pandemic having put additional demand on marketing agencies with so many companies pivoting to online service and getting rid of old messaging that no longer applies, it has been able to step into the breach for its clients thanks to the hard work of each of its staff, allowing for an elegant pivot internally to remote operation. In the future, it will be continuing to work on each of these services. Constantly prepared to show its dedication to further growth, development, and evolution, it has been reading, watching, and learning in order to keep up with the evolving new paradigm that has emerged. In this manner, its clients can always expect to be kept in the loop regarding its latest additions and creations, remaining steadfast in its dedication to helping its clients and resolving to remain abreast of all up and coming changes or trends; in essence, ‘school is never out’. Company: Bichsel Medical Marketing Group Contact: Lisa Bichsel Website: