Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 185 26 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 Dec20491 Food of the Gods In the myths of Ancient Greece, Ambrosia was the food eaten by the gods. It had incredible powers and brought much delight. The same is true of the Tassos Group, bringing Mediterranean food to the heart of the USA. By combining tradition with innovation, they have brought the food of the gods into the 21st Century. We take a closer look at how the team has been able to achieve such incredible success. he Tassos® seal of excellence carries a lot of weight. With a reputation built up over a quarter-century, it’s little wonder that the team protect it with such vigour. What began in a tiny office space in Chicago has grown into an international enterprise that sprawls the length and breadth of the USA, reaching out into Europe and beyond. The firm started small. While it is now well known for the range of artisanal products on offer, the first product was Tassos® estatebottled olive oil. Even from the start, quality was key to success and the oil was only offered to boutique import shops in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast. The success of this venture allowed the team to grow, exploring other possibilities with specialty product lines. Tassos Chronopoulos founded the enterprise, and the growth of the business saw his daughter Anne Marie (Anna) and son Michael playing key parts as it expanded. Now, however, the gravy train simply cannot be stopped. The family business retains the personal commitment unique to smaller ventures while embracing the possibilities of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic staff. It’s an approach that has paid off astonishingly well, as the team have been able to bring customers more than a product. They bring a gift, from their family to yours. While still in the first generation of ownership, the firm has been able to maintain the same principles that brought it such success in the first place. There is a strong aim to maintain the infrastructure of soil-to-shelf, as it guarantees customers the best products at every stage. From marmalades to pasta sauces, this is a firm that not only embraces the products it makes, but where they come down and the quality behind them. To ensure that what is provided is authentic, the Tassos Group embraces its partnership with companies both domestic and international. For the team at the Tassos Group, food is not just something to be eaten, but an adventure in and of itself. It’s something to explore, to inspire the senses and fire up new ideas for culinary expertise. Because this approach is so deeply intrenched in the way the firm operates today, it runs through every meal that is prepared using their products. To ensure the highest quality at every state, the team only use authentic, all-natural, pronounceable, and wholesome ingredients. Synthetic replacements and pesticides are never part of the process, and this means that you get all the goodness that comes from choosing products from the Tassos Group. All products are naturally gluten free, being either fruits or vegetables and the team have made sure that their producers don’t use any ingredients with gluten or allow their products to come into contact with foods that contain it. T Of course, good food isn’t quite enough for this talented group of foodies. They have an exciting membership program for travelers who want to taste a little more broadly than others. Members receive culinary innovations and promotional programs for signing up. When we think of food, we think of what the Tassos Group has to offer its clients. They’re leading the way when it comes to culinary class and excellence. Company: The Tassos Group LLC Contact: Tassos Chronopoulos Web Address: Email: To ensure that what is provided is authentic, the Tassos Group embraces its partnership with companies both domestic and international.