Global Excellence 2021

184 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 2 Acquisit on International - Issue 3 2021 Making Success in Managing Money For a little over twenty years, Platinum Capital Management Limited has been a global investment firm that manages single-strategy funds, as well as funds of funds for investors across the world. Since its foundation in 1999, the firm has grown from its base in London to have affiliate offices on the Isle of Man and is Los Angeles, but it has also grown to achieve great success for itself and its clients. Discover how the firm was recently awarded the title of Best Alternative Investment Fund of Funds: Platinum All Star 2021, courtesy of Acquisition International Magazine. nvesting funds is about securing them for the future, and seeking to grow them in ways that will secure the future itself. That is at the heart of what Platinum Capital Management has been about since its foundation more than twenty years ago. The investment of funds that Platinum Capital Management has carried out has produced results of the highest quality for the firm’s clients, and it has accrued no small amount of expertise and experience on the road to achieving such great success. Over the years, that expertise and experience has manifested itself into tangible results that are bred from a deeprooted knowledge of the research, development, and implementation of unique alternative investment products. Experience from staff has formed the backbone of the insightful services provided by Platinum Capital Management, but the excellence of those staff has also formed the backbone of the success that the firm has enjoyed for more than two decades. In essence, Platinum Capital Management’s expertise derives from the aggregate investment experience of its professionals, and delivering these for clients is where the firm truly excels. On a regulatory level, Platinum Capital Management also boasts membership, authorisation, and regulation from all the necessary bodies and organisations. As an investment business, Platinum Capital Management is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority, and is also a member of many prominent industry associations including AIMA, GARP, and HFA. Stretching into international waters, the firm has a number of Platinum funds that are registered with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and are components of the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Hedge Fund Index. Across its worldwide offices, Platinum Capital Management ensures that excellence in investment is delivered every single time thanks to its various accreditations and authorisations from world-leading bodies. Platinum Capital Management offers its investor clients an array of investment strategies, all of which are built on the firm’s commitment to delivering quality long-term investment success. One of these offerings is Platinum All Star, which is a diversified portfolio of alternative investments that have been handpicked from a universe of the most successful investment managers across the world. What stands Platinum All Star apart from other investment options is the fact that it boasts a historically low correlation to bonds and equities, and is well-positioned to generate consistent returns going forward as the global investment landscape continues to evolve and change. Just some of the benefits include the broadest possible array of investment resources, incomparable operational skills, superior execution capability, sophisticated technology, and time-tested proprietary trading models. I Ultimately, Platinum Capital Management’s All Star portfolio maximizes the advantages of enhanced capacity, superior access with improve dialogue, transparency, and insight like no other investment portfolio in the industry. Platinum Capital Management is a firm of the highest quality, and is fully deserving of this success in Acquisition International. At a time when the world is still reeling from the ongoing effects of COVID-19, investment stability is hard to come by, but Platinum Capital Management delivers that for every client. Contact: Thea Sprecher Website: Nov20863