Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 183 10 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 Sight and Sound Success The value of the audio-visual market has increased dramatically over the last few years. Companies in every industry have taken on the amazing potential of this technology, which has led to the rise of companies specializing in this field. The most impressive is Secret Screen, which has been named Most Outstanding Audio-Visual Integration Specialists, 2021 – Portugal in the Global Excellence Awards. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more. Since 2010, SecretScreen have been leading the way when it comes to integration of audio-visuals into various projects across different industries. The team works across various sectors to support businesses in the expansion of their organizations and ensure clear communication in every aspect. Being only ten years old, the firm has been able to take an agile and practical approach to the audio-visuals sector. The sector is one that is constantly changing to meet its new needs and perpetually improve technologies. As a result, their dynamic approach has ensured that they can not only meet the needs of businesses as they are today, but that they can do so for the foreseeable future. The focus of the firm on visual communication and interaction technologies means that they can provide specialized services for no matter what the business. Developing skills in this area has proven to be tremendously useful for the company, allowing them to provide comprehensive support to organizations. The team have become renowned for being able to create a bespoke solution that best suits the specific needs of the firm. Of course, much of this success comes from an approach that puts research and development first and foremost. The team is always investigating new technologies and ways of working that can help businesses to thrive in the digital world. This research is guided by a careful analysis not only of a user’s needs, but the problems that they face. By considering all of these facts, Secret Screen has been able to play a key part in the design of computer systems that are able to integrate impressive technologies. The team is also a highly respected consultancy when it comes to equipment, software and other information technologies as well as audio-visual and multimedia communication systems. This consultancy work has allowed the team to take on new and exciting roles across various organizations. Sometimes, they handle the training and marketing of a product, while at others they are able to take on positions as representatives of national and international brands. It’s easy to realize the incredible value that the team at SecretScreen have in the international marketplace. The team is frequently called upon to provide services, technical assistance and property maintenance contracts on behalf of clients, which include not only the assembly, but the installation of goods on a project. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the highly reactive and proactive approach the team takes is through their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This unique situation has shaken many businesses and forced them to reconsider how they operate. For the team at S SecretScreen the crisis has presented them with the opportunity to create new and exciting solutions to the increasing challenges of being audio-visuals. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SecretScreen focussed all efforts into its entrepreneur side developing a solution that would fit into this new reality. It all started with a MUPI with a sanitizer dispenser and temperature control. Having designed both the electronics and software, almost all ideas became possible and as soon as a feature got released a new feature was being developed. Being an AV integrator at its core, they realized the potential of their MUPI and integrated a touch screen and thermal printer to incorporate their queue system. Also, the MUPI is a great form of visual communication that allows a personalized content exposure. As with all technology, only the future can tell what will come next. For those who have had to adapt to the challenges of homeworking, there are several innovations that the team can offer, designed specifically to assist in the adaptation of working to a new remote working reality. This embraces one of the principles that the team values the most, namely that new challenges require new and exciting solutions. We have seen over the last few years how the rising star that is the audio-visuals industry has had an enormous impact on the world at large. Few have been more involved in its development than the team at SecretScreen. We celebrate their impressive achievements in these difficult times and look forward to explore the new projects and the impact that the company provides, not only to other business but also to the market. Company: SecretScreen Contact: Website: Dec20254