Global Excellence 2021

186 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 4 Acquisit on International - Issue 3 2021 relationships across the business. By supporting its employees through personal and professional development, Regal Food is able to strengthen its operations as a whole, maintaining the high quality and superior customer service that the company has become known and loved for across the UK and beyond. Consequently, the Regal Food team is able to rely on each other and its clients to stay up to date with consumer trends and developments in the food markets, in order that the company can accordingly evolve. With new products constantly being added to its already vast selection and its geographical reach likewise expanding, Regal Food is continuing on a positive upwards trajectory as it enters its third decade. We look forward to seeing what’s next for Regal Food in the ten years ahead and beyond. Company: Regal Foods Contact: Younis Chaudhry Website: egal Food Products is an award-winning manufacturer and retail supplier of European and world foods that in two decades has grown into a household name across the UK. Founded in Yorkshire in 2001, Regal Food sought to cater to the needs of the growing population of South Asian consumers, primarily distributing baked goods and confectionary to small ethnic grocery shops. However, the delicious treats soon caught the attention of the wider British public who were eager to try new cuisines and foods, and Regal Food quickly took off, expanding its offering and distribution channels in order to feed the UK population with more delicious goods. The growth has been extraordinary, with the small-scale supplier rapidly evolving into a multi-million-pound global enterprise that has become a beloved brand in thousands of homes across the UK. In addition to its range of cakes and biscuits that includes both traditional British recipes and exciting international treats, Regal Food also offers a vast range of sweet and savoury snacks, refreshing fruit juices, and essential condiments and sauces. Regal Food takes pride in having something utterly scrumptious for everyone. After all, this is what drives the team at Regal Food. By bringing food to life by creating exciting foods for every occasion, Regal Food seeks to be a family business in which it can take pride, offering something delicious for all. To that end, Regal Food relies on its core values of Teamwork, Communication, Ownership, Respect, Community and Partnership to deliver the excellence that it has become synonymous with to see continuous growth and global expansion. As a result, Regal Food products are now available in both corner shops and supermarkets, having been embraced by major chains such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Co-op. Partnerships such as these have been fundamental in the company’s establishment in the UK market, and has facilitated the expansion of its product range too. Today, Regal Food’s portfolio of brands is extensive, featuring names such as Yorkshire Baking Company, Biryani Express, Regal Deserts and Pakstar, all readily available in supermarkets across the country. Now, having achieved significant growth in the British market, Regal Food is also thriving as an exporter and overseas distributor, shipping its products from the UK to Europe, Canada, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and even to smaller territories like Union Island. For Regal Food, its successful expansion is primarily down to its teams across the UK, who it invests in heavily to ensure that they have working conditions that they can take pride in, and the means to build strong R Rooted in the heart of Yorkshire, Regal Food Products has seen monumental growth in the twenty years since it was founded. Initially established to cater for the needs of the South Asian consumer by supplying small corner and grocery stores, Regal Food is now a multi-million-pound global business that has become a pillar of the UK food industry. As the firm celebrates its second decade of successful operations, we take a closer look at its exponential rise from humble beginnings. Food Fit For a Feast Dec20490