Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 123 Acquisiti International - Issu 5 02 7 Aesthetics Clinic Secures Success! Of course, the approach that Katie takes has been built up over years of practice and knowledge gathering from experts in the field. Working in a variety of different circumstances, including local companies, sizable corporations and community-based centres, she has been proud to apply aspects of all of these places to her thriving business today. At Dr. Katie Clinic, Katie was able to boil down these hard-won experiences to a core process that allows her to thrive no matter what the circumstance. Each client is treated as an individual, taken on their own unique and bespoke journey towards happiness. The journey is guided by how a person looks, the subjective ways in which they would like to improve themselves and of course an in-depth knowledge of how to slow down the aging process considerably. Katie is the only doctor at the Dr. Katie Clinic, with three assistant staff for both clinical and administrative work. This ensures great consistency in how things work. The assistant staff are responsible for arrangements of pre- and post-treatment work, including bookings, handling general enquiries, and routine paperwork. When it comes to recruitment of new staff, the team always try to keep our standards strict, but not limited to clinical experience. What is seen most clearly in this staff is attitude – in treating patients, carrying out daily work, and when facing new challenges. The provision of loving care to patients, a willingness to take up different duties, and eagerness to learn, are some of the characteristics which will lead to good prospects in this clinic.