Global Excellence 2021

122 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 5 2021 Mar21111 Aesthetics Clinic Secures Success! The advent of new and exciting procedures has encompassed all walks of the medical world, and it is top providers who ensure they offer these services. None is finer than the team behind Dr. Katie Clinic. It has achieved the remarkable under the leadership of lead practitioner, Katie Lau King Ting. Now that her firm has been recognised as the Most Outstanding Medical Aesthetic Clinic 2021 - Hong Kong in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we thought it was time to take a closer look at how she has achieved such success. he way in which we use our bodies is intrinsic to the medical approach of Katie Lau. Her entire career has revolved around not only keeping active herself, but in working out ways of keeping others on the move too. While this might seem a little counterintuitive for someone who has built their career in the aesthetics industry, her approach to this specialism embraces a holistic outlook that encompasses not only looks, but the mind and the body too. The aim of the clinic is to improve a patient’s perceived weaknesses, often focusing on skincare treatments that finetune the appearance. This decision is key to the firm’s success, as they work on amplifying and elaborating on beauty. Under the capable leadership of Katie Lau, the firm has applied an approach which doesn’t stop at skincare, but goes deeper into how people think and why they think it. The basic medical principle in all specialties is to do no harm, especially in the field of aesthetic medicine. Here it is vital to adjust patient expectations. They must rest assured that the team at Dr. Katie Clinic are doing only what is needed. Only after detailed assessment, will recommendations be made, and they are purely to help with specific problems. In this way, final personalized plans and goals are being set up together after open discussions and mutual agreement. Katie’s career did not begin with the dream of becoming a medical doctor. In fact, she was Hong Kong’s Butterfly Queen, breaking records for the region as an incredible swimmer. Having trained since the age of eight, it’s no wonder that she was able to win medals at the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games. That said, her next move was something of a surprise to some, as she began to wind down her athletic career in favour of something more academic. Needless to say, the lessons she learned at this incredibly high level of sportsmanship, to be active, to face new challenges and to conquer, have been an asset during her long and successful medical career. Campus life took the form of the University of Hong Kong School of Medicine, where Katie gained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Medicine. With renewed commitment to the medical industry, she joined the Queen Mary Hospital as a houseman where she was able to explore her new vocation and discover the direction her passions would lead her. It’s little wonder that the path she followed was that of surgery, giving her the opportunity to work with her hands to heal patients. T For the next three years, her specialism led her to new and dizzying heights of competence, learning the valuable skills that would enable her to thrive in her new profession. Katie was able to assist in numerous surgeries of various types, including a complex liver transplant. Experiencing the full scope of what surgery had to offer enabled her to learn in real time, not only about her chosen topic, but about the specific branches of medicine she wanted to travel down next. After three years of surgical training, Katie made the decision to move into private practice. She had completed her basic training, but had not specialised in a specific field. This meant that she would have to become a general practitioner, in either a general or aesthetics clinic. The choice was made by the same logic as her decision to go into surgery – aesthetics would enable her to be more active and on the move, and so her career path was set firm. The world of aesthetics was one which brought about unique challenges as far as Katie was concerned, and her approach was carefully designed to take as many factors as possible into account before lifechanging decisions were made. What she discovered when entering into this important field was that many are making big decisions about how they look that are based entirely on a subjective perspective. Very quickly, Katie saw her work partly as a way of exploring the technical challenge of altering someone’s appearance to their liking, but also as a means of helping someone’s mental health. Many people go into an aesthetics clinic for unique and personal reasons and the job of Katie is not just to deliver results, but to unpick these complex factors and discover a form of the truth. People are not just the flaws they want removed, but a complicated array of different factors. Needless to say, her work is incredibly difficult, finding innovative ways to create solutions for her clients. There is a tendency to expect aesthetic work to have a big impact on how people look, reshaping the very fabric of who a person is. Much of what Katie does is designed specifically to avoid this sort of invasive treatment. At the heart of her process is a desire to create tasteful adjustments that enhance the natural beauty that is within everyone. This applies not only to how someone looks visually, but how they feel about themselves on the inside. The way a person looks can transform how they feel, and how they feel can transform the changes they want to see. Mixing these two aspects has proven to be key to Katie’s continuing success.