Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 121 Acquisi International - Issu 5 2021 17 Creating Space for Modern Business a client can actively see their comments being taken into account, and that their active collaboration with Kofisi makes an impact. This attitude has earned them many a return customer, and many a new customer in turn. Of course, not even a company with such a strong foundation as Kofisi was unaffected by the outbreak. Covid-19 predictions stated that co-working environment developers would be hit hard by the pandemic, and indeed, it saw this in the temporary closing of its Johannesburg centre and delays in the building of Kofisi’s build of an office space for Google. However, with innovation and tenacity, it pushed through, and is now just as strong as ever. It ensured that each of its spaces had the correct safety measures in place across the board, in line with local and national regulations, and has seen a rise in demand for its private office spaces and office suites, gaining new clients like Bolt and Marie Stopes as a result. With new offices opening in Accra, Djibouti, and Cairo, and additional offices in Nairobi and Lagos, its centres will now be offering conference facilities and cafes. Continuing its push towards further excellence, it is looking forward to what 2021 and beyond will bring. Company: Kofisi - Sunbird Business services Kenya Ltd Contact: Sanam Dadhiala Website: