Global Excellence 2021

120 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 5 2021 Mar21123 Creating Space for Modern Business Kofisi’s work in flexible and highly tailorable office spaces has made it a household name across Africa. It has pulled far ahead of its competition through bespoke interior design, empathic understanding of contemporary work life, and keeping itself flexible in an ever-changing world, and today reflects on the processes that have allowed this. company specialising in the creation of bespoke and flexible office spaces that are tailored perfectly to fit a client, Kofisi works across Africa and serves a wide cross section of industry. With clients from all around the corporate sphere and expanding its influence with every job it undertakes, its work is contemporary, bespoke, and empathic. Its spaces are developed in partnership with its clients as well as in terms of working for them. This results in a passion project for both Kofisi and the business in question, cultivating an attitude of helping a company give back to its employees by ensuring that their workspaces are top of the range. A Kofisi membership is a number one way to accomplish this. Such membership allows a client access to the stunning office facilities at any of its centres, which will be designed according to specifications, and therefore a client’s employees can work productively and comfortably wherever the job may go. Currently, its centres can be found in Nairobi, Lagos, Dar Es Salaam, Johannesburg, and soon in Accra, and Cairo. Furthermore, since its founding, it has been developing and upgrading itself for constant betterment. It knows that the challenges of the work environment are always changing. Therefore, it will always seek to help its clients’ employees rise to this, adding to its roster of capabilities the creation of spaces such as private offices, meeting rooms, event space, and flexible desks. Its significant cost effective and money saving methodologies are applied to its approach, ensuring that clients get great value for money without having to scrimp on quality; in turn, this has earned Kofisi yet more notoriety. With flexible licenses, professional service, and members benefits, Kofisi promises that use of its spaces will give a business a head-start right from day one. Its driving goal is to create spaces that let a client’s staff get the most out of their work environment, being fully customisable, rotatable, and attentive to the dynamic nature of client expectations. Alongside inspiring and stunning interior designs that carry the eye of contemporary African business culture, its workspaces are also practical, with integrated technology and hospitality that creates some of the ‘most stimulating places to work on the continent’. Consequentially, it is elevating the standards of business environments across the board, and clients who have worked with Kofisi find themselves hard pressed to settle for anything else once they have experienced the best. Kofisi’s clientele are diverse and variant; from the local to the international and the NGO to the legal firm, the list is just as impressive as the quality of the office design. Using an artistic eye to enrich a space has been crucial in building this. It sets itself apart from its competition by working hard to make office spaces aesthetically A outstanding and paying attention to every minute detail, expanding this across the entirety of a client’s available 200 square metres inside one of Kofisi’s centres. A company that truly cares about the wellbeing of employees across the business world, it developed this attitude by first cultivating that internally. Its employees are prized as pivotal to its success, each handling a myriad of complex tasks without which Kofisi would not exist. Its team are multi-skilled and effective, taking a client right through from initial ideation and creation to delivery, and even maintenance. Its in-house design team each bring something new to the table, with everyone offering a fresh eye to the development of an idea to draw out its true potential. Intertwining their own personal stylings and training with the overall united ethos of Kofisi as a company and the specifications and ideas of a client, they manage the balancing act of fulfilling expectations and adding to those expectations with sophistication. Working with local craftspeople to turn those ideas into reality, Kofisi’s team will select only the best in the business to work on creating a client’s office space, ensuring that proper workflows are implemented. Its expertise when it comes to project management is therefore also exemplary, keeping all goals firm and workable, ensuring that they are met on time. By working with local crafts people, it can also make its spaces work perfectly with a local area, allowing its teams creative free reign as they are indeed the experts. With brilliance and meticulousness, Kofisi can ensure that whilst every space is totally unique, it is at least alike in the height of its standards. Its world class hospitality within its centres has also become noteworthy in its industry, with full-support packages available such as bureau services, refreshments, events, and concierge services. Kofisi’s staff always operate on the principle of being ‘on the front foot’ when it comes to service, priding themselves on being attentive and receptive. From the moment a client walks in, Kofisi’s staff are there to support them in their work however they need. Should anything go wrong or not be quite right, its staff are on hand to help manage and fix that; it promises that no matter the issue, it will be able to handle it quickly and efficiently in order to let a client get back to what truly matters. Its staff also treat client feedback with the respect it deserves. If a client feeds back with positivity, it is always pleased to hear that, and indeed has collated a vast portfolio of glowing reviews. Further to this, it has benefitted hugely from word of mouth testimonials as professionals across all sectors discuss the outstanding nature of its work. However, it also values the negative feedback and constructive criticism that its customers may have, seeing its as an opportunity for making its already exemplary work even better, and striving to act on those comments post-haste. In this way, it strives to make it so that