Global Excellence 2021

124 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 34 Acquisit on International - Issue 5 2021 The Minds Behind Changing Recycling Habits he world today is facing a serious issue with plastic waste. Every day, more is produced, and more thrown away; with over 269,000 tonnes of plastic adrift on the ocean surface and 79% of it still sent to landfills or disposed of at sea between 2020 and 2021. Enviroo is a company working hard to change this by introducing new ways of recycling plastic into its industry, creating safe and effective recycling solutions for post-consumer plastic waste. It recycles 100% of Polyethylene Terephthalate that it comes across, creating ‘food-grade’ polymers used to recreate food packaging and plastic bottles. This method of recycling is a closed loop recycling method that creates products with transparency, circularity, and sustainability, that can be used multiple times and reduce the amount of waste being disposed of by landfill or finding its way into the ocean. Enviroo sees it as its responsibility to bring this recycling method to as many parts of the globe as possible, pushing for it to be an industry standard. In this way, it does its part to reduce the appeal of single-use plastic, showing that closed loop recycling can also be cost effective and practical, as well as safeguarding the future of a planet already in jeopardy of significant further environment degradation. It wishes to engage and unite all stakeholders in the recycling journey, bringing its clients and their end users into a more sustainable future, and working in collaboration with government agencies, Fast Moving Consumer Goods creation companies, consumers, and charities. These collaborations are moving forward with a recycling stream and updated process that will change the current paradigms for the better. Its executive team is highly effective at identifying opportunities to further this. Throughout its journey, it has been this team’s passion to seek out instances where plastic recycling processes can be T accelerated and improved, shifting them away from the traditional processes and towards innovative new solutions that will benefit the ecosystems of the world and the social health of its people. Through the development of keen market insights which it then takes to shareholders and clients alike, it shows the true impact of the plastic waste problem across a myriad of factors, posing new solutions of how Enviroo can help its industry rise to the challenge. Its own in-house innovators use technologies that segment PET plastic from its surrounding components, using a system that combines a sophisticated synthesised washing process with a world class extrusion process. The result of these processes is the creation of a polymer blend perfectly capable of merging with virgin PET polymers or working as a standalone creation. Its PET recycling facilities are also all owned by Enviroo, as it will never outsource what it can handle itself, ensuring that its rigorous standards are maintained across all lines through strict management and a united front approach across its teams. By changing the habits of plastics users, it advocates responsible recycling, cultivating unity amongst the companies and governing bodies it forms relationships with. It also works with local enterprise zones, providing a clear and visible reduction in waste plastic, setting up recycling facilities for use by the local community. Additionally, it also targets the local feedstock market. In the future, it is continuing work on its Environmental Protos Park in the North West of England, bringing together a strategic combination of innovation and industry to create a plastic waste elimination solution. Protos will be the UK’s first Plastic Park, aiming to bolster and encourage the recycling industry in this area, and Enviroo will be going live in 2022. Enviroo is an award-winning company working with a multitude of high value partners and governing bodies to better recycling processes across society. With multiple innovations under its belt and more coming soon, the executive team driving its momentum are using its continued success to enrich its industry in a macro scale. Mar21075 Company: Enviroo Ltd. Contact: Ahmed Detta Website: