Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 125 12 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2021 The Creators of Technologically Outstanding Product Management akersite, a company headed up by CEO Neil D’Souza, is a digital twin platform that makes use of artificial intelligence and data visualization to design and improve products, focused on four factors. These are nominally the product’s regulatory compliance, environmental impact, supply risk, and cost of production. In all things, Makersite is empowered by the values of diversity, purpose, and collaboration, having secured a multitude of long-term positive industry relationships with clients across an array of sectors. Fundamentally, none of these values have changed since its founding; Makersite has a big focus on the consistency of its excellence, and this has allowed it to gain a reputation for reliability and problem-solving for both clients and shareholders. Being sector agnostic, Makersite has the proficiency to serve a business no matter what their business’s goals or driving forces are. That being said, its clients are primarily those who seek an answer to effective, efficient, and cost-sensible problem-solving solutions, especially those issues encountered in supply chains and product development. Modern industry faces an issue with the development and supply chains of products being overcomplicated and taking 2-5 years to implement; between the time sink and the complications regarding the need of specific tools and strategies, industries can find themselves wasting significant money in trial and error. To combat this, Makersite uses 3rd party data, bolstered by its exemplary AI and graph technologies to connect and enrich data across different departments, increasing synergy and communication. Using these technologies to create digital twins of products which boost a company’s analysis acumen, collaboration, and decision support. This makes it far easier for a company to get a clear and readable overview of their products , keeping an eye on the effects of things such as supply line disruptions or regulations changes, and understanding these elements from multiple different perspectives including compliance, sustainability, cost, and risk. Currently, Makersite has over 20 companies that make up its clientele to date, all of them big hitters in international industry and all of them have come to appreciate the innovative nature of Makersite’s services. When it comes to customer service, it considers this to be one of its strongest facets, as it has funnelled significant effort into making itself flexible and able to respond to customer enquiries with sophistication and elegance. For instance, its diverse team of talent attracts companies at the tops of their fields with charismatic and attentive work, and its staff are all experts when it comes to connecting data and resolving problems. M Due to this, when hiring, Makersite looks for personality as well as expertise. It prizes those who believe strongly in its core values and who will fit in well with the team, maintaining a fun sense of team spirit, whilst also appreciating a challenge. Makersite is seeing a strong industry trend towards becoming more sustainable, more resilient, and more operationally rigorous, and is stepping up to the plate to facilitate this. With rapid growth on the cards and an exciting move into aerospace underway, Makersite is blazing its own path to a promising future for itself and its clients. Dubbed the ‘Most Innovative Industrial Product Management Solutions Firm’ for 2021, international company Makersite is combining exciting new technologies to help the navigation of the murky waters of its industry for the corporate titans that make up its clientele. Apr21381 Company: Makersite GmbH Contact: Neil D’Souza Website: