Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 65 Acquisition International - Issue 9 1 Bringing New Life to Life Science Businesses – with each of the aforementioned services forming a pivotal aspect of its operational model – and has developed each one of these to be a leading service that its clients can truly rely on, ensuring that each one compliments the other. In being such a one-stop-shop for its clients, LifeBee can reassure professionals in the life science industry that its consultancy will be able to help them with the innovation challenges they are currently facing, all made possible by its dedication to empathic, understanding, and diligent client interactions. The customer who it serves appreciates how this work enables them to step into the new digital paradigm with ease and sophistication. Fundamentally, with LifeBee at their back, a client finds that previous challenges are far more effectively handled with the operations and processes that it puts in place, granting them the opportunity to chase the most suitable new 4.0 enabling technologies selected among GxP cloud, Virtual Reality, Vertical and Horizontal Integration, Advanced Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and many others. By extending LifeBee’s services on an international level, it is currently delivering 15-20% of its services outside Italy, and is excited to see where this takes both it and its clients in the future. Company: LifeBee SRL Contact: Teresa Minero Website: