Global Excellence 2021

96 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 10 Issue 6 2021 IT Solutions For The Future The digital age requires digital solutions. Companies around the world are searching for new technology that can enable business to make the next big step. The team at adorsys have been in IT professional services since 2006, so it’s no small surprise they understand the challenges facing regular users. Named the Most Innovative Digital Payment Solutions Firm 2021 – Germany in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards s businesse turn to digitalization and IT modernization, it’s key that they engage with knowledgeable partners to support them. No one is more aware of the challenges facing business today, and how to best tackle them, than the team at adorsys. They have built an impressive portfolio of skills that enable them to offer a solution to organizations of every shape and size. Since 2016, the team have specialized in what they do, building up unique turn-key framework solutions in order to kick-start customers’ projects with pre-built high-quality components. Through an approach which is agile, transparent, open, participative and team-oriented, the firm is the home of some of the best IT talent on the market as well as some of the leading industry names when it comes to providing vital support for digital services. The focus on the rapidly growing industry of IT services means that they have been in constant demand for the last few years. Much of the work that the team takes part in revolves around the needs of finance, tax and public administration customers with high compliance and regulatory requirements. As a medium-sized enterprise, this specificity in what they do means that they can deliver truly amazing results to clients, serving those businesses which have enterprise-grade IT. The team specialize in large-scale API integrations and cloud environments, e.g. fullstack development from front-end to back-end based on a typical stack of JavaScript, Java Enterprise, Python and Kubernetes/Docker on AWS. As these companies often have high demands with regards to compliance requirements in terms of IT security and data protection, a specialist can make this process much more straightforward. Over the years, the team’s focus has enabled them to work alongside other IT service and product companies in order to have a complete offering of solutions and scalability options for our customers. This means that when turning to adorsys, clients have the benefit of a team that will work collaboratively, giving clients the best of both worlds. Much of the workforce is drawn from an international pool, showcasing how confident the team are that they can provide nearshoring with distributed IT teams and working methods. Part of the team’s key to success has been the careful adaptation of how the business operates to meet the changing demands of the business world. This can be seen most clearly in 2019 when adorsys adopted tribes as home-bases and family-like structures for employees and a more streamlined account and engagement management for customers and projects. Both these factors enabled further organizational growth and scalability through partnerships and nearshoring. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the progress of many businesses, and this has created enormous demand for IT experts A Apr21457 and projects in adorsys’s areas of operation. The team are already exploring a future which will demand a mix of on-site and smart-shore team mixes, integrating best European and international IT experts working together in productive modern collaborative environments. At the heart of adorsys is a sense of collaboration in order secure the best possible result for clients. Few can argue with the exceptional nature of what they deliver, and no one could disagree with the way in which they have ensured that business can continue to grow even in the most challenging of circumstances. Their success is to their credit and certain to continue long into the future. Company: adorsys Web Address: Address: Fuerther Str. 246a, 90429 Nuremberg, Germany Thilo Rottach, CTO at adorsys