Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 97 Acquisition International - Issue 7 15 Name: Dylan Trenado Email: A Bright Idea! hen it comes to marketing, too many businesses simply hope for the best. The approach of the team behind The Bulb is to create the best possible conditions for a beneficial future. Instead of simply hoping, they make it happen. Through the use of innovative techniques, this talented team find new ways of telling the story of your business. At the heart of everything done by this incredible crew is a determination to make each of their client’s businesses into the biggest possible success. In many cases, the direct actions of The Bulb have led to business finding ways in which to kickstart their online and offline careers, as well as receiving vital support to make the most of each development. The Bulb is a full-service agency, equipped to offer everything that a business might need including marketing, SEO, AdWords, campaign management, website design, creatives or print. They are on hand to assist every step of the way. Working with The Bulb is a dream for any business, as the team take the time to understand what your business needs. From detailed observations and investigation, a comprehensive plan can be designed, personalised to each individual case. With an eye for practicality as well as creativity, it’s no surprise that the team explores every possible avenue, trying new ideas where appropriate. The assistance offered by this top firm doesn’t end there though, as they remain on hand throughout the development of a campaign. As well as coordinating marketing activities for a firm, they are able to provide a clear measure of success. This allows them to adapt W accordingly to whatever challenges may arise. No two campaigns are ever the same, but the flexibility of the team at The Bulb sets them apart from the competition. While offering an ever-evolving approach to the marketing industry, it’s only thanks to the incredible knowledge of the team behind The Bulb that this firm has been able to achieve such success. With years of experience and qualifications in the field of marketing and creative work, there are no finer people to collaborate with when trying to explain the story of your business to a fresh market. Like all businesses, the team at The Bulb have been exploring the potential of online working within their industry. From their convenient HQ in Gibraltar, they have been able to support businesses not just in the local region but around the world as well. The knowledge that this team bring to the table, of marketing and creative thinking, can be universally applied, which is the secret behind the firm’s incredible success. This success can be seen throughout their ever-increasing list of clients which already boasts household names such as the Gibraltar FA. The partnership between The Bulb and the Gibraltar FA has seen the creation of a specialised Gibraltar FA Taskforce that dedicates itself to providing bespoke coverage for Gibraltar’s various national football teams, both home and away, as well for the association itself. The world of marketing is constantly changing, and it’s only thanks to the tireless efforts of perpetual innovators like the team at The Bulb that businesses and organisations can keep on top of this constant evolution. We celebrate the firm’s incredible success, both for itself and for its clients now, and long into the future. The world of marketing is constantly changing, with different companies requiring bespoke solutions that are carefully adapted to the needs of the 21st Century. We take a look at the team from The Bulb, named Most Innovative Marketing & Media Services Firm 2021 – Gibraltar in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. Their work has illuminated the way for countless companies, so we thought it time to shine a light on their inimitable success. Apr21371