Global Excellence 2021

98 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2021 13 Company: The Laser Treatment Clinic Contact: Zaheda Hafez Website: The Clinic Boosting London’s Confidence etting its start at the turn of the century and continually constantly updating and bettering its services ever since, the Laser Treatment Clinic has become London’s ‘go to skin experts’. It works in the field of non-invasive skin treatments, serving a star-studded roster of clientele and gradually increasing its client list naturally by way of word of mouth reviews and the testimonials that its clients leave its treatments. Counting models, singers, actors, and TV presenters amongst the ranks of its regulars, its solutions are conducted with only the latest technology in the field, as the Clinic is committed to ensuring that its customers receive the best of the best. Furthermore, each member of its staff is highly qualified, discrete, and sensitive, with customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list. During a consultation, the treatment itself, and when discussing aftercare, the Clinic’s technicians will provide professional advice on products and skincare routines to ensure lasting results. This is true across the entirety of the broad spectrum of skin types. The Clinic’s clientele is as diverse as the treatments it offers, and it promises that no matter the condition or concern, it will be able to help, its enviable industry experience allowing it to provide an unparalleled level of customer service. Consequentially, it has developed a reputation for prestige and efficacy, becoming a centre of worldwide repute from its home base in London. Such work has earned it a variety of accolades: in 2019, it won the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award for Best Skin Care Treatments in London, and the Global Health & Pharma Award for the Top 20 Medical Clinics of that same year, accreditations that joined its existing long list. One of the many treatments that has been awarded such acclaim is its Derma White Treatment. This skincare solution targets a myriad of skin concerns facing the Clinic’s patients, from G blotchy pigmentation to acne, scarring, and sun damage. All these issues can be cleared up with this non-invasive treatment, allowing the gentle clearing and brightening of skin and significant reduction of discoloured patches. Although the Derma White Treatment can be applied across the Clinic’s wide variety of skin types, it is most effective on people of colour. But what exactly is involved? During the initial consultation, the technician will get to know a client, their skin, and what they are looking to gain from treatment. In this way, the technician can recommend the solution that is right for them, working hard to empathically understand on a deep level the different concerns and desires that each client has regarding their complexion. If DermaWhite is right for them, the procedure entails a mixture of natural marine and botanical skin products to prep the skin, and the application of a herbal peeling mixture. Blood circulation is improved, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrition, and skin renewal is stimulated. In addition, this procedure is all-natural. The use of gentle herbs, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that gently encourage healthier skin over the course of the treatment uses no unnatural or harsh chemicals, as the Clinic wanted to lead by example in showing that there is a better alternative to chemical peel treatments. Afterwards, a client may notice some signs of skin peeling, but the Clinic hastens to add that this is a normal reaction that will calm down over the recovery process. After a course of treatments using Derma White, clients report skin looking healthier and clearer, allowing them enhanced confidence in their skin which now appears bouncy, young, and glowing. The Clinic is excited to continually bring this treatment to the people of London. It encourages clients to get in touch for a consultation at its Harley Street location, which has been fully equipped with Covid-19 safety procedures, and is once again open to customers. Awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Laser Skin Care Treatments Clinic’ title in 2021 for its region, the Laser Treatment Clinic is a non-invasive skincare specialist. Whilst all its solutions are exemplary, one of its most popular offerings is its Derma White Treatment, and it tells us a little more about what exactly this service entails. Apr21344