Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 99 14 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2021 Elevating the Standards of Global Consultancy The ‘Best Specialist Corporate Strategy & Executive Advisory Firm’ in 2021 for Europe, GFK Conseils-Juridis is a consultancy firm proficient in both the bigger picture and the minute details. Working to develop strategic, financial, and legal operations, its work is getting it more clout on the international stage every day. FK Conseils-Juridis is a business consultation firm that specializes in advising executive level companies in everything from outsourced human resources to unite teams, analytical expertise, business strategy identification, and audits or managerial engineering. All in all, GFK Conseils-Juridis has made itself an invaluable partner for its businesses when it comes to financial, strategic, and legal consultancy. Each client benefits from its vast experience in its field, and the comprehensive view it takes in its work; from the strengths to the difficulties facing each business, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bettering its client’s operations. Whilst this broad view considers all possible angles, GFK ConseilsJuridis is also careful not to cut corners. It will always home in on the fine details, taking the time to get to know the business inside and out, and paying attention to even the most minute data points so that nothing is neglected. Its role is above all to guarantee the security of a company’s assets. This security guarantee and the sophisticated implementation of it is what has brought it such significant notoriety, being the bulwark against potential incoming aggression and resolving disputes, as well as setting up strategies to allow companies to better handle such things in the future. Furthermore, it is expert when it comes to crisis management, and is a multidisciplinary company that recognizes the variant nature of its sector. It acts with surgical precision to stop disorder and repair any damage; and can fit itself elegantly around the processes of any existing company, ensuring that it is never in the way of its client’s crucial operations. ‘We are the shoulder on which they can rest’, it tells us, serving large groups, multinationals, and high-net-worth individuals, as well as governments. It therefore is often described as high end, with a finger on the pulse of industry developments to keep competitive, as well as to ensure its advice is the best for the current market. It acts as a growth lever; and takes great pride in its ability to write supporting protection schemes, be they entrepreneurial or ecological, such as a tax system that was presented before a National Assembly. The legal expertise in its ranks allows it to handle this perfectly. Consequentially, GFK Conseils-Juridis is well-versed in all legalise and strategy, taking the view of a chess player always looking to make the next move. This approach has served it well, allowing it to keep abreast of constantly changing paradigms in a world that demands a pro-active approach from the participants of its industries. However, it is also perfectly capable of being reactive when needed; when an issue occurs, it acts fast to identify the issue and handle G Apr21242 it appropriately. With the share of its business focused on crisis management jumping to 178% over the course of the pandemic, it has funnelled significant investment into bettering and developing this element of its business. Fundamentally, it works hard to reassure its clients that it will be there for them, providing a solid rock during times of turmoil that makes for an unshakable support system. Due to the recent growth spurt, it was able to open a new law firm in Singapore, using it as a springboard to strengthen its presence in Africa and Asia. In this way, it is one step closer to becoming even more of a global player; and it hopes this will only grow further in the coming years. Company: GFK CONSEILS-JURIDIS Contact: Romain Gerardin-Fresse Website: