Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 95 Acquisition International - Issue 6 11 Water Works Wonders! n 2009, Sridhar Deivasigamani found his basement had flooded. His water heater has failed in the most spectacular of ways, flooding the entire floor. It was a problem that had faced thousands before him, but it was also a problem he knew he could do something about. The solution was Intellihot. Intellihot is a business built on innovation. The team have taken the time to design manufacture and assemble a water heater that removes one of the major limiting factors of the old design – the tank itself. These products are entirely tankless, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications, and the first of its type to do so entirely in the United States. Already, the firm have over sixty awarded and pending patents, with many more in the works. They see a future where not a watt or a drop is wasted at any stage. The world is made of systems that are simply accepted, even if they can be made better. The team behind Intellihot are not plumbers, but robotics engineers. Their skill is in seeing a worthy challenge and a way of improving what already exists. Through their efforts, people will save a great deal of water and energy with ease. While there is much material encouraging people to use resources wisely, Intellihot takes the strain and finds a more efficient way of living. Traditional boilers run at all hours of the day and night, just waiting to be used, but Intellihot systems only heat water when it is required, keeping it flowing when and where people need it. By working in a targeted way, the process saves 40% of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods while also ensuring that no one ever has to wait for a nice hot bath or shower. The breadth of what is on offer is truly astonishing. The Intellihot system is made to perform to near impossible standards, ensuring decades of like-new operation. Reliability is designed into every inch. Because of this, the team are able to offer benefits for every single building from humble homes to amazing apartment buildings. Everywhere from restaurants and hotels to schools and stadiums are able to install Intellihot units with ease and to incredible results. Part of the success of thismanufacturing firm is its position as one of the American Midwest’s leading producers. The culture that comes from I this is entirely unique, placing a employee involvement, satisfaction and work/life balance. Whether a team member is a technologist, machinist or customer service expert, everyone contributes to make an enormous difference both inside the company and out. The role of AI is not to be ignored by these ingenious inventors, and the team are already exploring the possibilities that this tremendous technology could offer to the world at large. It’s clear that having a unified intelligence system could help boilers to predict events and run even more efficiently than they currently do. The success of Intellihot is not just something that can be washed away, but will remain part of the culture for years to come. By adapting to the needs of the public, they have created something which is extraordinary and will thrive for years to come. Company: Intellihot Name: Amy Turner Email: Web Address: The world of water is immensely complex, with even the most modern of housing using technology that is very old indeed. The team at Intellihot have found a new, tankless solution. Their work is in high demand indeed, and has been recognized in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards as Most Innovative Water Heaters Manufacturer 2021 – USA. We take a dip into what makes this firm tick following their impressive success. Apr21432 By working in a targeted way, the process saves 40% of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods while also ensuring that no one ever has to wait for a nice hot bath or shower.