Global Excellence 2021

94 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2021 9 Company: JONCKERS Contact: Nicola Meinders Website: Breaking Language Barriers with AI ONCKERS is a company that continues to innovate disruptive solutions to provide quality translation and localisation services. Having heavily invested in a new cutting-edge AI-driven platform combining machine and human intelligence in the last five years, JONCKERS is focused on enabling continuous translation delivery on a large scale. With offices in ten locations across three continents, the company ensures a local customer service on a global scale. The company’s AI-powered platform combines the efficiency of the machine with human intelligence and helps companies become extremely fast and efficient in their localisation processes. JONCKERS is also helping global enterprises to move away from step-by-step translation to a continuous publishing workflow. JONCKERS’ solutions are especially suitable for SMEs and enterprise customers from eCommerce, IT, travel, manufacturing and automotive industries. They typically have high-volume content that requires agile and continuous translation/publishing in many languages. It also takes its corporate responsibility very seriously, providing multilingual work opportunities to people around the world. The company’s AI platform enables talent to work remotely and flexibly, without having to invest in software tools. This flexibility empowers talent from anywhere in the world to engage with the company as flex-workers. Today, content is often managed in different repositories, across multiple departments with disconnected translation processes which makes it very cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. That is why organisations move away from a step-by-step process to a continuous publishing and localisation approach that is automated, data-driven and continuous with a fully integrated language community. WordsOnline tackles these challenges and works as a unique endto-end localisation platform that manages all translations for any type of content in any language across any media. As it combines Neural Machine Translation, Translation Memory technology and translation community, WordsOnline provides control, transparency and scalability whilst automating the complete localisation process. By combining the strength of machine translation and the talents of JONCKERS’ human community, everyone can go global faster and be in all markets at the same time. In September 2019, Silke Zschweigert became CEO of JONCKERS with a focus on developing the future vision for the company’s platform and the multilingual community, to maximise the return on J investment for enterprises going global. She has extensive experience in leadership roles, having previously worked as Executive Vice President and Chief Delivery Officer of SDL for many years. Silke enjoys creating momentum though a reasoned logical and positive approach. She is an energetic, tenacious, personable and open leader. She leads with an open communication style and discovers skills and talents in others to get the best out of them. Silke is also a strong relationship builder using a collaborative leadership style. She holds a Masters in translations for Dutch, English, German and Chinese, as well as worked in China for a year, before starting in the language industry as a Project Manager when she was 23. Very soon, she took on the Team Lead role and at 27, she became the General Manager of SDL Germany, which had 100 employees at the time. Silke’s roles began to grow and she remained part of SDL’s executive teamwhen the company was looking after its global language services business in 38 countries with over 2,500 employees. After leaving SDL in 2018, Silke worked as a consultant for non-language related businesses. Later on, she was contacted by LSPs and private equity companies interested in the language domain work that ultimately brought her back into the industry. Silke is very excited about the future of JONCKERS as it has transitioned from being a pure language service provider to an AIdriven language platform with a multilingual community. She looks forward to scaling this capability and further developing advanced solutions creating significant value for enterprises going global. Trailblazing leader, JONCKERS has more than 25 years of experience in the language industry. The company’s mission is to remove language as a barrier through its AI-enabled platform, WordsOnline and a managed multilingual community. Recognised by Acquisition International as the Best End-to-End Translation and Localisation Platform 2021, we take a closer look at the company. Apr21727