Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 93 Acquisi International - Issue 6 2021 5 Sustainability Made Simple ntengine CEO and founder, Connie Linder is an entrepreneur and business strategist with a special interest in sustainability and innovative start-ups. She founded Intengine to make tangible her commitment to increase public awareness of available innovative solutions and make sustainable products and services more widely accessible. The simpler it is to act and buy with ecological and social sustainability in mind, the better off we all are. Intengine encourages businesses, small and large to join its marketplace for sustainable businesses, even if their journey is just beginning, requiring a pledge of commitment and offering multiple options to support their growth. The company focuses on highlighting sustainability SMART goals, so at a glance, buyers know exactly what they are supporting and as a result, they reward sustainable businesses by buying more. With the world’s largest database of accreditations as well as a comprehensive list of social and environmental attributes across all listing types and geographical locations, data can be organised with advanced filters that help buyers align with their purchasing requirements and values. Its business listing members appreciate their ability to fully describe how they are acting sustainably and have a place to offer the benefits of their products or services. B2B members find Intengine particularly easy to work with because of its certification search, which is unique to the company, as is its dedication to continue updating the search filters to deliver on common and logical groupings of industry sectors. Over the years, some companies have made claims that they are acting sustainably, even using it as a tactic without putting the work in. This “greenwashing” is not acceptable. Accreditors use an expert level of understanding to guide, recognise and support the companies that have done the work through membership communications. The industry sectors connected to sustainability are growing and changing all the time. This may be why the internet is full of sites that claim to do what Intengine does but fall short on delivering in a comprehensive way. The sector is becoming increasingly politicised while Connie is committed to keeping the platform dedicated to the essence of its work and will not allow it to become polarising. Its engagement with industry leaders, events, media, and standards organisations help inform, educate and connect the company with resources. Often, its partners’ insights are passed directly to its listing members in the form of discounts and offers, and marketing opportunities in the form of ads, content features and digital campaigns. I Intengine’s inhouse team is dedicated to updating categories and making informed decisions. To fully fill the vision the company sees as essential in the years ahead, its members need to ensure they keep their listings updated as their goals progress, no matter how small the step forward seems. Success shared in ads, articles and profile updates are made both quick and easy on Intengine. In terms of the company’s work culture, the team works closely together and has a mutual respect and appreciation. Speaking about her team, Connie said, “The people on the Intengine team are terrific intellectually, and they are also wonderful people. There is synergy with our team because everybody likes each other and is committed to our mission. Everybody respects each other and that is essential. Moreover, it took a while to get to this team. We have had different people enter the organisation that didn’t last. Perhaps they had a role to play that was for a finite time and made a great contribution and went on to other things, or they were not the right fit. Now we have a great core team that fulfils most of the areas that we need.” Indeed, it is a company that keeps pushing forwards in terms of innovation. This year, Intengine has really ramped up and refined its delivery of current information in the form of whitepapers. They are written by expert writers who are fully transparent about the reports, certifications and statistics used to ensure information is current to the date published. They also feature leading examples by companies who are just like Intengine’s audience, facing challenges but finding the solutions that are progressing ecological and social impact goals toward a future everyone can be proud to take part in. It has recently released the Sustainable Packaging whitepaper to soon be followed by a paper on Mitigating the Effects of Mining. Its previous works have included Understanding the Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine and a Guide to Understanding Carbon Markets and Carbon Offsets. If readers would like to find out what is next on Intengine’s agenda, they can email to request a topic or to be considered for a feature. Intengine connects businesses, consumers and certification agencies with environmentally and socially responsible businesses. It has the world’s most comprehensive and relevant database of responsible businesses — and it’s growing every day. The winner of Corporate Vision’s Award for Innovation in Sustainable Business Solutions 2021 – North America, we take a closer look at the company to see how it’s earned this title. Mar21346 Company: Intengine Enterprises Contact: Connie Linder Website: