Global Excellence 2021

92 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2021 11 Transforming Digital Footprints erial entrepreneur and founder of ENKI Tech, Nektar Baziotis has more than 20 years’ experience in international business development, IT project management, IT business consulting, and e-learning. Over the years, he has successfully delivered IT products and services for the UN, European Commission, European Parliament, and organisations and private-held companies in several countries. Many of ENKI Tech’s clients are in-bound referrals from existing customers who are satisfied with the company’s outstanding services, and it also replies to public procurement procedures and requests for proposals. The company has experience working with businesses across various industries, which allows it to understand the client’s requirements in context, helping them by studying their needs and devising a strategy to create a successful path forward. Striving to bring to life the ideas of companies and professionals around the world so they can move beyond local and conceptual boundaries, ENKI Tech innovates and develops high-quality userfriendly software that serve real needs by translating abstract ideas into concrete software solutions; its outside-of-the-box graphic designs rid the environment from cheap mass designs and visual pollution by forming meaningful aesthetic creations; and it decodes convoluted text and expert jargon so they are clear and user-centric. Ultimately, ENKI Tech is only interested in evolution, art and freedom. The company uses an agile process to complete projects for clients which sees it: acquire the client’s goal and performance requirements, including the project plan and budget; survey the current market trends and latest technologies in the client’s sector to help them grasp the biggest opportunities; create beautiful visual designs embedded in an interactive and engaging environment, with no compromises on specs or prototyping; choose the framework and programming languages based on the client’s current and future needs; and develop, test and deliver the final product. Teamwork is the most essential contributing factor towards ENKI Tech’s work. It believes every teammember is their own unique puzzle piece, fitting together to create a masterpiece. And the company strongly supports diversity with zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. ENKI Tech establishes a learning process, and the team approaches every project with their individual talent and imagination, allowing the company to create unparalleled and innovative designs, strategies and solutions for its clients. Like many other organisations, the pandemic has allowed ENKI Tech to reinvent itself and collaborate remotely. Luckily, it has a highly skilled team which has adapted well under the circumstances. S However, sales is a human process; meeting people in person allows people to understand each other better. Centring humanity is essential to ENKI Tech as a company. It believes that by uniting as people, it is possible to overcome any obstacle. It will continue to focus on providing the most innovative services, assisting start-ups on their success journeys. Most importantly, the company measures quality by the happiness it can bring to its clients with its services. Looking toward what the future will bring, ENKI Tech’s plan for this year is to further focus on creating specific AI applications for several markets such as healthcare and retail, as well as designing e-learning solutions. It also wants to dedicate time to providing access to education through technology. Company: ENKI Technologies Inc. Contact: Nektar Baziotis Email: Website: ENKI Technologies is a software technology start-up nestled in the heart of Santa Monica. It specialises in providing AI-powered solutions, including custom software, web platforms, mobile apps, e-learning tech, and consulting, taking excellent care in providing optimal solutions and deliverables to help its clients succeed. Its clients range from well-established organisations to start-ups, including Expert Dojo, Pacific Park, Evolutionary Archetypes. Acquisition International has recognised ENKI Tech as Best Custom Business Software & App Developer 2021 – California, so we take a closer look at the company to find out more. May21233