Global Excellence 2021

142 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 26 Acquisit on International - Issue 5 2021 Mar21032 Designing the Future of International Transactions Providing for wholesale banks and large market players in the financial sector, Adhara’s effective and efficient platforms and systems are now being used by some of the largest businesses in the world. Promoting a new technological industry standard, this company has worked hard to develop long lasting client relationships and is now a powerhouse in its field. dhara is a financial services company operating around the world, with development hubs in Spain, South Africa, the UK, and Singapore. It is a builder of next-generation wholesale settlement platforms that are based on CBDCs and tokenized money systems, also handling cross border payments, fx and liquidity trading, a highly effective toolkit for banks, and the digital and sector acumen to settle over tokenized money in real time. Fully remote and optimized, with user interfaces that are both intuitive and comprehensive, it has gained renown as the smartest way to handle smart contracts. Deployed over permissions based and enterprise grade standard blockchain networks, it can enable payments between businesses, as well as manage settlements to the benefit of both parties, allowing all involved to work seamlessly and without the need for additional bloatware. By allowing the streamlining of processes across the board in its industry, it addresses a multitude of challenges often faced by wholesale banks. Specifically, these businesses can find difficulty in managing international payments; there is a tendency for these processes to be less than simple for either party, with multiple hoops to jump through and the tendency for this to spread across multiple platforms. Adhara wishes to change all that one client at a time as it grows its roster of clientele and continues to upgrade the applications it offers accordingly alongside changing industry standards. Often, issues are caused by inefficient execution processes and a lack of visibility when it comes to liquidity, which is unhelpful at best and completely stymies business at worst. Payments are not often fully digitized, or orchestrated in this manner, with the industry traditionally preferring bilateral messages. However, this as an industry standard is something Adhara is keen to steer its sector away from, as bilateral messaging is expensive and prone to error, requiring constant reconciliations throughout the process that can become labour intensive. Adding unnecessary complications is the exact thing that Adhara was developed to avoid. Instead, its platforms seek to speed up liquidity, making it faster and more cost effective, as well as drastically reducing the margin for error. By offering the Central Bank Digital Currencies that it does, it promotes a form of tokenized money management and financial solution that the world is slowly making its pivot towards. Making the most business sense no matter the scale of the company or transaction, tokenized money is at the forefront of innovation, allowing for programmable liquidity that trims the fat from the endeavour and allows a client to couple payments and trading processes with settlement. Not only does this eliminate the need to complete reconciliations at many stages throughout the transaction, it decreases the need for back and A forth messaging and decreases the probability of errors. This also dramatically increases visibility and auditability, avoiding further error and allowing a client a full overview of the entire transaction. All its services play to its core values, which lie in consistency and practicality. It keeps itself pragmatic, seeking only to serve its clients in the best way possible, helping banks and other regulated wholesale finance players find the best channel for the most cost-effective solutions. In this way, banks find its services to be professional and uncomplicated, with a focus on keeping processes and interactions streamlined and client led. Adhara will work to avoid disrupting the client’s own processes, fitting seamlessly around them and in fact bettering them across the board, striving to aid them in the solving of key issues related to inefficient payment processes and settlement cycles. Such issues are often disconnected and result in higher operational costs for processes and settlements, which Adhara allows its clients to avoid. With a belief in the innovative nature of blockchain technology and smart contacts, the tokenization of money makes for a powerful tool in the hands of wholesale banks and market players. Moreover, they benefit the market by allowing things to progress quickly with far less allowances needing to be made for troubleshooting. Adhara is functionally making finance more efficient and more affordable with every application and upgrade, something that its clients have lauded as exemplary, and that its partners are proud to support. It also adds increased security to processes, meaning that a client can rest assured that their assets are being protected when they use Adhara’s services. This is crucial in international transactions, where large sums are being handled. Its products are built for the benefit of banks leveraging standard, open-source, enterprise grade blockchains, becoming more widely accepted as time goes on. Whilst the technologies integrate themselves deeper in the finance industry, Adhara is aware that innovation is a continuous process, and that the changing world it exists in demands constant adaptation. Therefore, whilst its solutions are watertight and extremely well-designed, taking pride in the technological prowess of what it offers, it knows they could always be better. Taking new developments and upgrades in its stride, ensuring that it doesn’t stagnate, Adhara is constantly striving to make its services even better. Working for clients dealing with big budget deals and across the world, it takes its ability to adapt to changing paradigms very seriously, keeping itself flexible to adopt beneficial alterations. Most of its client list are large shareholders dealing with large scale deals, and Adhara’s solutions are extremely proficient in helping them