Global Excellence 2021

152 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 17 Exceptional Repertoire of Successful Acquisitions With the technology industry moving at such a rapid seemingly all the time, the ever-evolving world of cloud technology is becoming more and more in use across the globe. Cloud Services Solutions is a global advisory firm that offers guidance on ERP application solutions and strategic consulting services that allows clients to measurably improve the performance and efficiency of their resources and business processes. 2021 has seen the firm be awarded the title of Most Innovative Cloud Solutions Provider 2021, so we at Acquisition International highlight the firm to find out more. ince its inception, the work of Cloud Services Solutions has been focused on providing services that are designed to seamlessly join and integrate a client’s existing resources and business processes with their technology. Marrying the two together can bear fruit in new and exciting ways like never before, and a business should be able to take full advantage of that harmony. Regardless of whether or not a client’s upcoming initiative involves a new implementation, upgrade, or strategic enhancement, Cloud Services Solutions can provide the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that the project in question is a resounding success. Over the years, the firm has gained experience in working with both public and private companies that are looking to acquire other organizations or divest their current company. An area that has been of particular focus for Cloud Services Solutions is that of assisting organizations with their acquisitions on a technology and technical level. The firm has spent a considerable amount of time and energy in communicating that if an organization is looking to complete an acquisition, then Cloud Services Solutions should be the first port of call. What the firm offers in terms of technological acquisitions is a clear roadmap that can be created, and can lead to successful technology transformation. Cloud Services Solutions has found, over the years, that many companies do not take the vital step of creating and marking out a clear roadmap to acquisitional success. As part of the acquisition analysis, this step can prevent a deal from potentially becoming a huge financial mess. The numbers speak for themselves in terms of Cloud Services Solutions’ efficiency. In one case, the firmhelped the client organization expand their footprint to over forty countries, whilst another was helped with an acquisition template to rapidly acquire other companies and fold them into the current portfolio. Regardless of the work itself, Cloud Services Solutions usually works with organizations that have a global footprint, and the firm helps to identify the best plan to help with this process, as it relates to the information technology stack. How the firm differentiates itself from the competition is that all of its advisors have worked at a senior level, and bring more than a decade of experience handling difficult and challenging projects. It is these knowledgeable and insightful staff that are one of the biggest assets that Cloud Services Solutions has in its exceptional repertoire. The firm only hires proven talent that have been through this sort of global transformation themselves. Rather than focus solely on the number of certifications that a potential staff member might have, the S team at Cloud Services Solutions also bases its hiring decisions on real exposure to problem-solving. Though the pool of talent that fits this unique criteria may be small, the firm continues to find manageable ways of recruiting only the best and brightest into its ranks. As a direct result of this, Cloud Services Solutions also treats each and every individual in its staff as a valuable contributor to the overall success of the company, and they share in the profit of the organization. Acquisitions is a tricky business at the best of times, but COVID-19 has radically shifted the corporate landscape to make it more volatile than ever before. Being a global crisis means that companies all over the world are facing change, the likes of which haven’t been seen in a generation. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Cloud Services Solutions has seen many organizations putting larger digital transformation projects on hold to preserve capital and human capital. However, with organizations adapting to new ways of working in the pandemic, those same organizations are now starting to plan for the eventual delivery of those projects. As for Cloud Services Solutions, the firm is focused on finding companies with healthy balance sheets that are now looking acquisitions rather than organic growth. Company: Cloud Services Solutions Inc. Contact: Stephen Roche Website: Jan21367