Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 151 Acquisition Intern tional - Issue 3 02 7 Driving Force has been fine-tuned to the specific needs and requirements of fleet safety management programs,” noted Rachel Bell, Vice President, Scores & Analytics, at FICO. “We’re absolutely thrilled to see…the FICO® Safe Driving Score’s ability to be used to provide valuable and accurate driving insights, and to help promote sustainable improvement in driving behaviors, and a safer driving experience.” As such, Mentor helps managers identify drivers most at risk, automatically identifying the lowest scoring members of their teams each month, and enables the managers to observe performance changes and decide appropriate intervention, for example coaching or one-on-one mentoring sessions. It also enables them to identify safe, collision-, incident- and injury-free drivers, and reward them accordingly. Despite being less than three years old, the Mentor app recently passed 1.7 billion miles driven, and in-depth analysis has confirmed its ability to reduce risk. A study carried out by eDriving found that over six months, Mentor drivers initially categorized Very High Risk or High Risk improved their FICO® Safe Driving Score by an average 32%, becoming Medium Risk and eventually reaching Low Risk after 15 months. Over the same period, drivers initially categorized Very High Risk or High Risk decreased speeding events by an average 71% and 82% over 15 months and distraction