Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 117 Acquisi International - Issu 5 2021 5 Most Outstanding Leisure & Tourism Group 2021 - UK further expansion. Additionally, it will be working on its investments in the renewable energy industry, as well as pharmaceutical manufacture, tourist resort business management, and the support of healthcare, university, and agricultural projects. Its current projects are in Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, South Africa, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Dominica, Ukraine, Egypt, and Uganda. The VITALA Group Chairman, Dr Wolf Vierich, is leading the charge on these new developments and outreaches, inspiring the company with his drive and passion for continually bettering the industries VITALA touches. He was legal and economic advisor to various Heads of State and led economic nationalisation programmes in Tanzania, Iran, Jordan, and Qatar in the 1970s and 80s. In tandem with this, he directed Holiday Inn’s growth into Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. For his global achievements in his field of international tourism, he was Knighted by the German Government in 2010, and dubbed CEO of the Year for 2021 by CEO Today Magazine. The VITALA Group has also been named the “Most Outstanding Leisure & Tourism Group 2021”. With the Group Chairman acting as a driving force behind VITALA’s ambition and many plans in the works, this commercial group looks forward to what new heights the future will bring. Company: Vitala Group International Ltd Contact: Hannah Kennedy Website: THE VITALA GROUP Most Outstanding Leisure & Tourism Group 2021 - UK 2021 Global Excellence Awards WINNER