Global Excellence 2021

116 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 4 Acquisit on International - Issue 5 2021 Mar21355 Most Outstanding Leisure & Tourism Group 2021 - UK The VITALA Group is a consultation services group bringing project management and exemplary financial processes to a myriad of industries and businesses worldwide. Offering a full range of solutions handled with dedication and care, it is uplifting the corporate industry with every project it undertakes. stablished in 1983, the VITALA Group of Companies best known for offering expertise in the form of project financing and development. For the most part these services are provided to the leisure, tourism, and themed entertainment industry; however, VITALA’s prestige has become well known across a wide cross section of the corporate sphere. As its solutions are those that form crucial cornerstones of many business operations, it has made itself an invaluable operational tool to many organisations, with a wide array of specialisms offered by its team. One such specialism is global project finance services in terms of forming financial syndicates. This is a solution that covers start-ups as well as ongoing projects, handling the provision of Private Placement Memoranda and related documentation for project verification, such as mergers or acquisitions. In this way, it has become an ingrained part of business infrastructure, supporting companies with an expert guiding hand useful for the experienced and inexperienced alike. VITALA’s commercial activities cover further project finance aspects like investment, consultancy, and management services. Its project management and fiscal planning strategies are second to none in all elements, and thus as VITALA has grown it scaled its operations up alongside it, now offering equity and debt funding, project start-up help, partnerships, and loans. All its work focuses on getting a client’s work off the ground and setting it on a trajectory of sustainable success with the implementation of watertight behind the scenes processes. Its project management services include the streamlining of client workflow, and the members of its exemplary team are prepared to help with anything from investigations into existing processes, private placement memoranda, feasibility studies, loan syndication, and buy in / buy out. The breadth as well as depth of its solutions are another aspect of what makes VITALA such a vital tool for many of its clients. Furthermore, its clients appreciate the lack of up-front fees or hidden surcharges; it will only ever charge a success fee. The decades of experience that VITALA has accrued reassures its clients right from the beginning of working with it that it will be reliable. VITALA then proves this with its results, smoothly integrating itself with its client’s company and getting to know the business in a non-obstructive manner. It has worked with businesses across the world to develop and upgrade internal processes and secured the success of many projects in this way. As it receives so many applications for all types of financial projects, it finds it important to stress that it does not operate as a finance broker; rather, it is an advice and guidance specialist, recommending the most appropriate source for a project’s valuation. E Project financing is based on the merits and risks of a specific project, rather than the security and corporate elements. This allows it to view a client’s project impartially and objectively, evaluating it for the sum of its parts as a standalone plan, instead of allowing outside elements to guide its judgement. It has thus completed global development projects in over 153 countries, taking them from inception to operation, managing tasks that will allow for the complete and seamless success of it. This includes the juggling of a myriad of dynamic factors. VITALA’s handling of such factors is where it truly shines. In operating across cultural and language barriers, it has gained an empathetic understanding of how to approach each project with sensitivity and an open mind. Furthermore, its staff are all extremely qualified to operate within such international spheres, with the ability to see to a client’s economic, financial, and legal needs during a project with sophistication. Its aim above all else is to provide customer-tailored services. VITALA achieves this by keeping its own processes rigorous but flexible, with goalposts that can be altered depending on the client’s wishes and the demands of a project. In tandem with this, VITALA holds its own ethical, legal, and environmental responsibility in the highest regard, striving to make the world a better place day by day in both the corporate spheres and the macro scale. Due to the complexity and wide reach of its work, it has encountered very little in the way of competition. This has allowed it to become a one-of-a-kind service like no other, with its work in high demand; demand it rises to with efficacy, all the while keeping its services strictly in-house. All its solutions are catered to by different members of its staff, refusing to outsource to maintain services that are high quality, consistent, and value for money. VITALA’s processes are just as streamlined in house as the ones it implements for its clients, and thus, even when challenges arise, it can respond to them quickly and effectively. For example, during the Covid-19 outbreak, it experienced project delays – however, it has been working with its clients to aid them through this difficult period. Its upcoming projects also promise to be immensely impressive as it continues to scale its operation alongside its continued growth. Thanks to the increase of clients coming to it for services, and those clients creating buzz about VITALA through glowing word of mouth referrals, this business is certainly never bored. The businesses in its current client’s circle often end up becoming some of its next clients, and so on; this has secured it a reliable business model, allowing it to look forward towards designing its future. Its 2021 projects, therefore, reflect some of where VITALA may be looking to take its enterprise next. Firstly, it will be looking into manufacturing and plant management, reaching out to a new sphere of clients to facilitate