Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 115 24 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2021 An Inclusive Approach aw firms often follow in the wake of tradition, drawing on what has gone before to create something successful. The approach that Perez & Barros has taken is to reflect the needs of today in how they operate. Modernity lies at the core of the business and is one of the many keys to the team’s success. By using the latest techniques to provide a dynamic and client focused approach to industry, they have achieved the remarkable in their industry. Part of the key to the team’s success is the strength of the team and the way in which they interact with their clients. Many of the people involved are experienced professionals from a mix of large and boutique firms and companies. Each wanted to find a place where they could achieve a more flexible work schedule that embraced professionalism, enhanced individualized attention and was able to provide a good price/service ratio in a growing worldwide cost saving practice. Needless to say, this approach has proven to be incredibly successful within the industry, with a multi-task integrated and experienced team pulled together to focus on the tax, labour, civil, corporate and real estate areas to provide a seamless legal solution on behalf of clients. Because the firm takes the time to understand each client’s specific needs, the team are able secure a specialized client oriented probusiness result service. Within the first year of the firm’s inception, the business had already risen through the ranks to become one of Brazil’s leading legal employers. The results that the team have achieved, drawing on their significant combined experience, ensured that more companies would trust the firm to support their businesses through difficult times. It’s a credit to not only the quality, but the efficiency of their work that they have been able to achieve these results. The secret of this growth has been the way in which every member of the team is encouraged to support others. With staff that is drawn from a wealth of different experiences and disciplines, from large conglomerates through to tiny boutiques, they all have something to offer an individual client. Only through embracing all of these approaches, and combining them with a broad level of competence, does the team perform so well for its clients. The inclusive policy has not only encouraged a great deal of women to work for the firm, but has created an environment where there have been no resignations. It demonstrates clearly how happy everyone is to work for this amazing team. Thanks to the success of Perez & Barros, the business is proud to have opened an impressive network of offices that will not only spread the reach of the firm, but allow the team to take on new staff members to attend to an increasingly business workload. The São L Paulo office was inaugurated in 2019, at Itaim Bibi, with three new partners, adding to the international profile, but maintaining the mission of quality, result-oriented and effective service provided. Of course, one of the challenges of opening new offices in different cities in a large country is ensuring a strong continuity of quality from office to office. To build a brand that has an international reputation is equally challenging. One of the keys to this is the maintaining of a comprehensive ethics and compliance manual that contains information such as confidentiality clauses and adjustments to data protection laws. This ensures that any state of the art compliance requirements can be quickly acquired and put into action. Having these resources on hand often goes a long way to decreasing the structural costs of a project, and therefore the final price for clients. Looking forward, it’s clear that the world is moving forward and the team at Perez & Barros are not going to be left behind. They have increased their cooperation with other law firms, as well as enhanced their work with their family law and credit recovery practice. This focus has been possible thanks to a less expensive partner-based relationship. Growth is something that the team are always looking for, and one of the key ways in which they are likely to achieve this in the coming weeks and months is through lateral hirings and additional collaborations. While many have struggled to recover from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Perez & Barros embraced the possibilities made available to them. It has proven to be a good environment for them to grow in with consistent business demands as people and companies turn to organizations that are able to embrace the possibilities of modern technology. With innovation and inclusivity at the forefront of this firm, it’s little wonder why they are in such high demand when compared to a more traditional competition. What does it mean to be named Most Outstanding Hospitality Law Firm – Brazil? It means that this is a team who are diligent, who go above and beyond for their clients and who are constantly looking forward in which they can improve the services they offer. For many in the legal industry, the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge that had to be survived, but for the team at Perez and Barros, it was an opportunity to be embraced. If one aspect of this impressive, inclusive firm is the reason behind their continuing story of success, surely it is this. When Perez & Barros Sociedade de Advogados was established in 2018, it was designed to reflect the needs of the day, drawing on modern, customized and ethical legal services. In three years, their efforts have been rewarded with success in 2021’s Global Excellence Awards, where they were named Most Outstanding Hospitality Law Firm 2021 – Brazil. We take a closer look at the firm to see how their unique approach has brought them such amazing triumphs. Mar21120 Company: Perez & Barros Sociedade de Advogados Name: Ana Beatriz Barbosa Web Address: Email: