Global Excellence 2021

70 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 18 Issue 9 2021 Comfortable, Easy and Fast Teeth Whitening Award-winning BEYOND International, Inc. was founded by respected cosmetic dentist and lecturer, Dr Jenny Shen in 2003 and is a world leading professional teeth whitening system provider in the aesthetic dental industry in Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and African markets. BEYOND has made its mark on the industry so much so that it has achieved Acquisition International magazine’s 2021 Award for Innovation in Teeth Whitening Systems – USA. We take a look at what makes BEYOND such a noteworthy company. y keeping ahead of the curve in terms of its products and the technology it uses, BEYOND now has 40,000 professional teeth whitening systems in place worldwide, making it a world leader in professional teeth whitening systems and related consumables. With the increased demand for teeth whitening treatments, BEYOND has enjoyed tremendous growth and still provides premium whitening systems to many dentists around the world daily. Originally BEYOND Dental and Health, it in 2015 became BEYOND International to reflect its diverse workforce and global clientele. The consumable manufacturing then moved to the Houston facility in order to provide high-quality standards and optimised customer service. The Texas headquarters now handles worldwide manufacturing, US distribution, and distribution through partner resellers across the globe. ‘International’ is not only part of BEYOND International’s name, but it is also a part of the company’s corporate culture. It is proud of its employee diversity, which fits right into the culture of Fort Bend County (where BEYOND is headquartered), one of the most diverse counties in the United States. BEYOND is also proud of its client diversity – right now, it is represented in more than 133 countries globally. BEYOND uses data and research to develop quality products. It has funded its own double blind research and it prides itself on its use of safe ingredients. Its accelerators use cutting-edge technology partnered with its gels, which include its proprietary formula, and deliver fast, safe and effective results. BEYOND is also ISO certified and its staff make it a priority to follow the protocols for quality assurance. The BEYOND Power Whitening Treatment is a simple, straightforward procedure which can be safely performed by any trained dental professional. Each BEYOND system comes with an instructional DVD which outlines the procedure step-by-step. Dentists are encouraged to watch the video before they perform a BEYOND treatment, and should they have any concerns or questions, they can get in touch with the company for assistance. B Jul21331 BEYOND can also send a certified training representative or hold live online training to teach dentists how to perform the BEYOND procedure, to better ensure the safety and comfort of patients. While the training is not required in order to perform the BEYOND treatment, the company has found that patients are more likely to undergo the procedure when the dentist assures them that they have been formally trained in how to perform it. Once the training has been completed, BEYOND will send an official certificate authorising the individual to perform the treatment. BEYOND also has an at-home edition of its teeth whitening accelerator available, which individuals can purchase online for use in the comfort of their own home. Being the perfect at-home teeth bleaching solution, individuals are guaranteed fresh, safe and brilliant results in just one hour. Another product offered by BEYOND is its Pearl White® Whitening Toothpaste, designed to gently brush away surface stains as well as provide tartar control. The formula contains micro-crystals which burst and whiten teeth while brushing, freshening breath and supporting enamel mineralisation to provide superior whitening results. Ultimately, BEYOND’s patients report the most comfortable whitening treatments with shorter treatment times, a cool, relaxing experience, and little to no sensitivity issues. BEYOND’s goal is safety along with great whitening results. Company: BEYOND International, Inc. Contact: Samuel Brooks Email: Website: