Global Excellence 2021

176 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 21 Service Success! or thousands of households, the headache of sorting out the housework has been taken away by the team at Maid2Clean, but the work that goes into maintaining this firm’s high standards is immense. This franchise operation supports franchisees to thrive at every step, from advertising services to maintaining good relations with clients. When the firm started operating, it was designed simply to help franchisees serve the domestic services market. Their efforts would create a system that would guarantee a long-term residual income for life using the best marketing and systems in the business. Since 2020, however, the ambition of the company has grown. Now they support franchisees in making themselves & their families financially secure. With over 18,000 registered cleaners, this is no mean feat. Key to the firm’s success is the way in which the team have changed the way in which franchisees see their work. Instead of exchanging their time for money, they are taught to create a residual income that lasts for life. Franchisees thrive because their operations are lean and keen, able to work with no staff overheads, hiring costs or invoices. There is no cashflow problem because clients pay in advance and there is no need to meet clients because this is handled by the Maid2Clean team. Those who run the various franchises for Maid2Clean are not staff, but their own business owners. They actively operate their own businesses and their success is the success of Maid2Clean as a whole. This independence, while still having the support of a larger organisation, is part of the reason that the team have achieved such success. The growth of the firm has held steady over the years, and the franchise is now reaching relative maturity. While roughly two thirds of franchisees have been allocated, one third of areas are still available to the right applicants. With an operation that reaches across 165 franchises, it’s little wonder that the team are able to recruit an average of 500 people every month to meet demand. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on many businesses, but it seems that Maid2Clean can weather all storms. They have found that demand for sanitised environments is widescale, with no franchisee closing due to the difficulties of operating in this environment. Other challenges over the years such as recessions and government legislation have seen competitors close down, but the team here has been able to thrive despite the challenges. The demand for the services that Maid2Clean franchisees offer has increased over the last few years. The affluent masses find that a professional clean, whether a regular appointment or a one-off blitz, is incredibly beneficial. After a long day at work, many couples simply don’t have the time or energy to commit to cleaning their properties as well. F The domestic services industry is constantly growing, and this is due in no small part to the work of the team at Maid2Clean Franchise Limited. Leading a team of franchisees to achieve success is no mean feat, but the quality that the firm instils has become renowned across the industry. We take a closer look to see how this impressive team has achieved such success. As the team moves into the 2020s, it’s clear that there is more success still to be had. The team are on hand, ready to the deliver the same exceptional service that was offered when the firm opened seventeen years ago. Company: Maid2Clean Franchise Limited Contact: Mike Hanrahan Web Address: With an operation that reaches across 165 franchises, it’s little wonder that the team are able to recruit an average of 500 people every month to meet demand. Nov20430