Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 149 16 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 Anywhere365® awarded Most Innovative Cloud-Based Contact Centre Platform 2021 e are happy to announce Anywhere365® as this year’s winner of theGlobal ExcellenceAward for theMost Innovative Cloud-Based Contact Centre Platform. Anywhere365® is a leading omnichannel dialogue management and cloud contact centre platform, native to Microsoft Teams. Over 1800 global enterprise companies use their flagship product, Dialogue Cloud. In the 2020 Magic Quadrant report for cloud contact centres, Gartner honorably mentioned Anywhere365® as a vendor to watch. And on top of that Microsoft Corporation announced Anywhere365® as the world’s first official certified Connected Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams. Journey with Microsoft Anywhere365®, since its beginning, has built its solutions almost exclusively to Microsoft platforms like Lync and Skype for Business, and now Teams. The COVID-19 pandemic spiked the use of Microsoft Teams in the triple digits and Anywhere365® saw their business grow almost as hard. While the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams has been tough at times, Anywhere365® has followed their journey with Microsoft, focusing on delivering a stateof-the-art Microsoft Teams contact center application. ‘It is not about the contact centre’ Surprisingly though, the winner of the Most Innovative Cloud-Based Contact Centre Platform 2021 is actually not about the contact centre. The company has embraced an enterprise-broad vision that goes beyond the contact center, which they call Dialogue Management. Anywhere365® believe and have proven in many global enterprises that the way forward for enterprise communication and customer engagement is not growing your contact centre. Founder and CEO, Gijs Geurts said: “It is about growing the intelligence in your business communications, so that you can reduce your unnecessary dialogues in every channel and every handler, whether they are human or AI driven.” Enterprise Dialogue Management approach “The difference between the contact centre approach and the Dialogue Management approach is that we believe that everyone in an organization is part of any dialogue. That is possible with a unified communications and collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams,” said Geurts. “With a large proportion of businesses using Microsoft Teams, there’s no reason for a business to maintain two versions of presence, one for agents and one for enterprise users. Anywhere365® doesn’t introduce the concept of agent presence; we leverage Microsoft Teams presence for our users.” Voice, chat, email, social media, video or bots: Anywhere365® lets you engage your customers effortlessly across communications channels. At any time and from anywhere. There is real-time text-totext, speech-to-text and text-to-speech processing and translation in place for over a dozen languages. W Recognized by Gartner, Certified by Microsoft Jan21403 Direct Routing and AI Anywhere365® AI voice bots and chat bots can handle routine requests, leaving more complex dialogues to live agents. Or any other Microsoft Teams user in the organization. The routing can be based on numbers, agent skills, geography, CRM data, VIP customer routing and many more. The CRM data, context and history of the dialogue always moves with the customer, ensuring customers enjoy first contact resolution of their issues. What’s also great is that Anywhere365® supports a myriad of desktop environments, allowing agents and supervisors to access customer data, monitor service levels and easily transfer interactions from a single pane of glass. There are over 30 CRM integrations in place. From Salesforce and Bullhorn to Microsoft Dynamics, SAP C4C and even ServiceNow for IT helpdesks. This means that the workforce doesn’t have to switch between different point solutions, allowing for faster call handling, saving costly time and over-delivering to the customer’s expectation. What we’ve also found, was that, due to the robust, highly scalable and extremely flexible implementation, Anywhere365® has been built to easily incorporate future business requirements without significant additional overhead. Track, monitor and measure performance Of course, Anywhere365® lets you record, measure and analyze agent performance and effectiveness, and benchmark them against their peers to continually improve customer service. But tracking your Contact Centre Success won’t cut it, Anywhere365® states. CEO Geurts: “Your contact centre can be very successful, but your customers can still be upset. Customer dialogues simply don’t always end in the contact centre.” Email: Web Address: Telephone: USA: +1 206 338 7450, UK: +44 203 973 6067 EU: +31 88 1200 600