Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 3 41 Leveraging Human Performance 42 Renowned Roboticists Secure Success 43 Anticipation, Dedication and Resiliency 44 Post Haste! 46 Building A More Intelligent World 47 World-Leading Crowd Risk Analysis 48 Economic Development Excellence 49 The Latin American Legal Team with Worldwide Prestige 50 Under Lock and Key 51 A Step In The Right Direction 52 Innovative Interior and Architecture 53 Guaranteed Connections! 54 Designing the World of Tomorrow 55 To Infinity and Beyond 56 London Property Management 57 Global Company with a Homegrown Heart 58 The Future of Energy Efficient Homes 59 An Outstanding Global Player in Modern Marketing 60 Wealth For The Future 61 The Backbone of Medical Product Marketing 62 Design Learning Solutions 63 Deep Technology in the Middle East 64 Bringing New Life to Life Science Businesses 66 Managing the Path to Success 67 The Supporters of Medical Technology’s New Rising Stars 68 The Answer to Antibiotic Immunity 69 German Law, International Prestige 70 Comfortable, Easy and Fast Teeth Whitening 71 Defending SMEs in the Cyber World 72 Leading the Progression of our Society 74 Risk Management and Organisational Effectiveness 76 CRM Specialists of Three Decades 78 Serving Customer and Community 80 The Heart of the Matter 82 Guardian of the Ocean 83 First-Class Migration Consultancy 84 The Robust Advice Behind Structural Failure Consultancy 85 The Next Generation of Business 86 Revolutionising Medical Training 88 Employment Screening Solution Innovation 90 Developing ‘TOPP KIDS’ 91 Securing a Changing Digital World 92 Transforming Digital Footprints 93 Sustainability Made Simple 94 Breaking Language Barriers with AI 95 Water Works Wonders! 96 IT Solutions For The Future 97 A Bright Idea! 98 The Clinic Boosting London’s Confidence 99 Elevating the Standards of Global Consultancy 100 Tremendous Trade Consultants Secure Success 101 Marketing the Future 102 Building the Future of Construction 104 Leading the Way for Client Focused Banking 106 The Backbone of Contemporary Business 107 Building Better Relationships for Everyone 108 Improved Quality of Life 109 Authentic, Meaningful Leadership 110 Taking Airport Travel to the Next Level 111 Betterment of the Legal Profession 112 beCause Global Consulting: The Consultancy Bettering Connections across the Corporate World with CEO Nadine B Hack at its helm 113 Blazing a Trail into the Future of Cybersecurity 114 On The Side of Federal Employees 115 An Inclusive Approach 116 Most Outstanding Leisure & Tourism Group 2021 - UK 118 The Minds Behind the New Era of Grant Management 120 Creating Space for Modern Business 122 Aesthetics Clinic Secures Success! 124 The Minds Behind Changing Recycling Habits 125 The Creators of Technologically Outstanding Product Management 126 An India Success Story 127 On the Right ‘traq’ 128 Battery Bonanza! 130 High Calibre Design, Down to Earth Excellence 131 Trade Finance with Trust and Integrity 132 Helping To Prolong The Golden Years 133 RSA LP Goes Global 134 A Bright Star in the VLSI Universe 135 Anyplace Can Be A Workspace With Awingu 136 A Sterling Effort! 137 Patient Focused 138 Proven Pedal Power! 140 Is This Just Fantasy? 142 Designing the Future of International Transactions 144 Redefining Communication