Global Excellence 2021

4 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 146 Going Green For Good 147 Changing the Game 148 Taking Technology To The Next Level 149 Anywhere365® awarded Most Innovative Cloud- Based Contact Centre Platform 2021 150 Driving Force 152 Exceptional Repertoire of Successful Acquisitions 153 Gaining Creative Solutions Through Shared Knowledge 154 Big Success in the Big Apple 156 Increasing Efficiency In Customer Service 157 The Bench Walk Advantage 158 Always Learning 159 Create an Engaged and Mentally Fit Organisation through Individual Actualisation at scale 160 The Legal Bridge To Success 162 Borders of Success 163 World-Class Expertise 164 How to Change the World 165 The Advancement of the ‘People Agenda’ 166 Empowering Change 167 Flying High: Innovation in Aircraft Appraisal 168 Finding The Right Solution 169 Constantly Innovating 170 Home Away From Home 172 Sound of Success 173 Finding The Perfect Home 174 Experienced Nordic Asset Manager 175 Pests - All Under Control 176 Service Success! 177 Leading Lifts! 178 Creating Novel And Characteristic Playgrounds 179 Superior Treatment Solutions 180 Best Healthcare M&A Strategists 181 Technical Support Services Secure Success for Qcom 182 Care By the Sea 183 Sight and Sound Success 184 Making Success in Managing Money 185 Food of the Gods 186 Food Fit For a Feast 187 Accounting & Strategy to Power- Up Your Business in The Big Apple 188 Pioneers Of Alternative Energy 190 Invest in the Best! 191 Legally Excellent, Client First