Global Excellence 2021

130 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2021 21 Mar21109 High Calibre Design, Down to Earth Excellence ounded in 2015, Hedgeford & Berkley is a full-service design, construction, architecture, and design company, working with a vigour and excellence that has secured its place as a household name. Notably, Hedgeford & Berkley was founded to fill a gap that it saw in the industry. It wishes with every project it takes on to shirk the notion that interior design and rigorous construction need be two separate sectors, handling all elements of both with exemplary processes and gloriously contemporary results. Its highquality building work and interior creations are luxurious, exceptionally thoughtful, innovative, and stunning, with clean lines and a true mastery of light, colour, and shape. This company was founded by Martha Huk, herself at that point already a qualified and highly effective industry professional, who had been working as an engineer by trade for years. This education gave her the knowledge of how to work with professional diligence and an unrivalled attention to detail. With this still prevalent in her work to this day, she also brings to the company her expert eye for modern aesthetics; with a finger on the pulse of modern interior design techniques and trends, she ensures that her creations are built with the current market segment in mind. She seeks first and foremost to turn the tradition upside down. Refusing to keep to old processes and paradigms simply because they are widely used, Hedgeford & Berkley has established itself as a company that goes against the grain, achieving unparalleled results in doing so. Its ethos is that of designing and building to take the client on a journey from the beginning consultation right up until the very end, building a vision that is the exact mirror of the client’s ideas and requirements. Hedgeford & Berkley works in collaboration with a client at every turn – after all, their input is what makes each design truly unique, as it drives the goal of a build. F Hedgeford & Berkley is a highly professional company working in the competitive field of bespoke interior design. This business ensures that it stands out from the crowd by consistently striving to exceed client expectations, designing, building, and reconstructing contemporary and outstanding spaces for modern life and business. It has a thorough understanding of both form and function in the design, guiding ideation with an expert eye, and applying every second of its decade of experience in doing so. In tandem with this, it will always ensure that it has the client’s complete satisfaction at every stage of a project. This reassures a client that they are being kept up to date, and allows them to alter, change, and query elements of the build as they go, creating a labour of love that both business and customer shares. Hedgeford & Berkley has therefore earned itself a reputation for the translation of bold dreams into realities with its work, achieved through an in-depth knowledge of structure and aesthetics. Its dedicated and focused team have built the expansive portfolio that Hedgeford & Berkley now boasts. Working for both commercial and residential projects across a varied roster of clientele, it has quickly accrued a long waiting list, and multiple awards, all of which have increased its prestige as a company and cultivated further growth. Additionally, given its wide range of capabilities to take on everything from renovations and cottages to business spaces and sustainable design challenges, Hedgeford & Berkley has been lauded as Canada’s Top Designer. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Hedgeford & Berkley has made itself a fierce competitor, and it is looking forward to continually pushing the boundaries of construction and design as it moves towards the future. Company: Hedgeford & Berkley Contact: Martha Huk Website: