Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 131 Acquisition Intern tional - Issue 5 02 9 Company: Euro Exim Bank Ltd Contact: Graham Bright Website: Trade Finance with Trust and Integrity pecialising in rapidly connecting corporate buyers and sellers, Euro Exim Bank enables businesses to economically and efficiently export and import goods and services. The firm transacts via an extensive network of contacts and counterparties covering Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australasia, and South America, and facilitates authenticated trade finance instructions, its core mission being to become the defacto global provider of trade services, with the most experienced sales team in the sector. From an initial team of 3 only 6 years ago, Euro Exim Bank now has a network of staff, agents and partners numbering more than 280 people across 27 countries hired from leading banks and financial institutions, with years of banking, trade finance and SWIFT experience, encompassing complex instruments, rules regulations and processes. Trade Finance, a people business based on trust and integrity, is the primary focus of Euro Exim Bank’s operating model. With years of banking and specific trade finance experience and expertise, the firm’s staff provide an efficient and effective service facilitating cross-border trade for its global clients, with issuance and relay of letters of credit, stand-by letters of credit, proof of funds, RWA, performance bonds and bank guarantees. The firm has developed its own workflowbased platform for data capture and full end-to-end processing of trade instruments, complemented by commercial information sources connected by industry standard APIs. Euro Exim Bank has also developed a merchant payment platform, Exim Wave, and is looking at further products to assist in global FX and money transfer, again to facilitate safe, fast, trusted international payments from buyers to sellers, with secure account access available online with a 24/7 call centre. These services are underpinned with tight due diligence, AML, PEP and sanction and security checks, supported by commercial software products from leaders in those sectors, making Euro Exim Bank unique in its specialist field. As successful as Euro Exim Bank is, it, along with its sector, been affected largely by the pandemic, which has brought continued clouds of recession, unprecedented economic disruption, excessive levels of debt and threats to basic normality of private and public life, employment and wealth creation. The firm’s operating model has proven to be very successful by virtue of interest, variety, value, validity S and velocity of the instruments it is contracted to manage. Despite the gloom, trade is essential to the economy and is starting to improve, even if volumes temporarily fell throughout 2020. This reduction was not exactly a surprise, principally due to long-standing trade tensions between the US and China, affecting a general economic slowdown. However, the firm is seeing shoots of economic recovery, the rebuilding of supply chains, and re-energised trade with effective and cost-competitive flow of goods, supported by free trade agreements, new trade alliances and through international co-operation. Although, the continued threat of trade barriers, isolationism and a constantly changing superpower stance on tariffs could seriously derail the efforts of emerging countries and all those fighting to protect their citizens and industries from economic wellbeing and future sustainability. As Euro Exim Bank makes its way through 2021, it is actively looking at refining its sales processes, enhancing its marketing and awareness campaigns, designed to meet the continuing demand from global companies impacted by the pandemic. Where de-risking has damaged economies and dented the ability of smaller companies to compete in international markets, the firm stands ready with efficient, economically viable services, protecting cash-flow and working with appropriate collateral, truly facilitating global trade. Euro Exim Bank is a specialist international financial institution, headquartered in Saint Lucia, with a rep office in London, serving import and export businesses around the globe for more than 5 years. In today’s rapidly growing international markets and expanding global hubs, trade finance continues to play a strategic role in the flow and movement of goods and services, and because of the integral role the firm plays within the sector, it has been recognised as the Most Outstanding Corporate and Trade Finance Company of 2021. Mar21506