Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 129 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2021 15 Battery Bonanza! have. Working primarily with those in an industrial setting demanded that the team’s solutions be highly versatile, maintenance-free, and robust in the extreme. Delivering on these promises has not been easy but has resulted in a line that is carefully designed to be easily implemented across a range of vehicle sizes. A customer’s entire portfolio can be supported with a simple, single solution. This system is unique to American Battery Solutions and showcases how their approach sets them apart, as well as above and beyond, the competition. The “Intelligent” Battery Management System (BMS) allows modules to be easily added in parallel without the need for reprogramming. This effectively makes Li-Ion battery installation an easy retrofit, creating battery systems that have half the size and weight of lead acid batteries while offering zero-maintenance and longer life. As with all of the team’s offerings, there is an attitude that champions clear engineering solutions that save the customer time and money. The growth of American Battery Solutions has been incredible, and the development of what the team has been able to offer has been exemplary. In a world that is in flux, the team has found a way to make their solutions universal and easily implemented. By listening to customers, they have produced something that can be handled like a lead-acid battery, making upgrades much more straightforward. It’s one thing to suggest a way forward that transforms the industry, but real change is done by taking what is already there and implementing something brand new. With battery systems that have been included in some of the most well-known automotive programs, from the GM EV1 to the Chevrolet Volt, it’s little wonder that the American Battery Solutions team has achieved such success. Their work has become the standard within the industry, and the team have only just gotten started. With their capacity constantly growing, we are sure to see this name because infamous in energy circles for years to come. Company: American Battery Solutions Email: