Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 109 22 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2021 Authentic, Meaningful Leadership hrough bespoke coaching sessions, Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners AG prepares executive teams to work together authentically, helping them to develop and excel their leadership skills so they can influence their corporate culture in an empowering way. Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners AG’s vision is to contribute to a better world by working with the board, CEO and executive team members of organisations to build strong and authentic leadership alliances, otherwise known as genuine and committed relationships between executive members of staff. It believes that the purpose of authentic leadership is elevating consciousness so that decisions are made with a higher level of awareness of the impact on the environment, ecosystems and future generations. Their innovative Leadership Alliance approach is about connecting five driving, interdependent forces. These are a compelling vision, a shared purpose, a shared mindset, Leadership Alliance behaviors, and the way to work together. Nicole and Marina experience that often T CEOs focus on one or two of these forces and do not achieve the desired results because they are not aware of the interdependency between all of them. When these driving forces are not aligned, this impacts negatively the team cohesion, the business results and the company culture. Nicole is an award-winning leadership advisor, executive coach and keynote speaker; she has published a book titled “How to Develop the Authentic Leader in you”; she was thrilled when she was chosen to be the biographer in “The Earned Life”, a feature-length documentary about the legacy of Dr Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s number one leadership thinker. She is also part of the world’s leading executive group, “100Coaches”, initiated by Dr Marshall Goldsmith, and was also granted the Leading Global Coach Award at the Thinkers 50 in London in 2019. In addition to this, Nicole was nominated as one of the top 20 Learning Professionals worldwide by the IFLD (International Federation of Learning and Development) and was also selected as one of the 15 World Class Mentors 2021, as well as became part of the IFLD Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, Marina is also an award-winning leadership advisor, executive coach, keynote speaker and she has 17+ years of senior business experience working for the world’s leading organisations. She has coached and advised 300+ CEOs, leadership teams and board members globally to accelerate leadership, team and board effectiveness. Marina is an experienced board member and advisor, currently serving at BoardStrong NYC, Rutgers University and others. She is a TEDx speaker and founder, as well as a sought-after keynote speaker on leadership and boardroom related topics She has been awarded FiNext Award 2019 for her contribution to the financial services industry as well as Top 10 Women Leaders of 2020. As women leaders, Nicole and Marina believe that a leader is a leader, regardless of their gender, and they encourage emerging women leaders to choose and believe in the perspective that empowers them, and to surround themselves with people who believe in them and who want them to be successful, while also challenging them to raise the bar. With their own philosophy as their north star, Nicole and Marina run their own company as a Leadership Alliance, by means of co-CEO leadership. They are grateful to receive The Best Executive Coaching and Advisory Firm 2021 Award which they see as a recognition of their successful alliance and as an encouragement to continue their purposeful journey. Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners is an expert firm in leadership alliances lead by co-CEO’s, Nicole Heimann and Marina Cvetkovic. The boutique executive advisory firm is focusing on supporting executives and leadership teams accelerate performance through authentic leadership and team alignment. Over the last 18 years, it has supported more than 3’000 leaders to successfully build authentic and meaningful leadership alliances, making the firm well-deserving of the Best Executive Coaching and Advisory Firm 2021 Award. Mar21655 Company: Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners AG Contact: Nicole Heimann / Marina Cvetkovic Website: “If you want to be successful as a leader, you have to think in terms of Leadership Alliances, know the meaning of your work and communicate it authentically,” says Nicole Heimann.