Global Excellence 2021

108 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 7 2021 to unfold its maximum effect. Depending upon the symptoms and course of treatment, different acupuncture styles or acupuncture microsystems are combined. Treatments also available with Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr Tan include laser acupuncture which uses concentrated light of a certain wavelength and has similar effects to needle acupuncture minus the needles, particularly suitable for children and pain-sensitive patients; Chinese medicinal herb therapy where dried raw herbs are boiled in water and then drunk, with certain proven recipes available depending on the clinical picture; the providing of traditional Chinese medicine nutritional advice, as diet can influence the patient’s wellbeing; Qi Gong (Chinese: Qi = life energy, Gong = practice, work), where meditative breathing and movement are used to release energy blockages; and Tuina (German: Tui = pushing, Na = grasping), which is the practice of pushing and grasping to help treat muscular tension, neck or back pain, fibromyalgia, lymphatic congestion, and after a stroke. Ultimately, Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr Tan is changing lives for the better, while maintaining an excellent reputation and successful business. Patients find that their tensions are dissolved, pain is reduced or completely gone, and general wellbeing and quality of life is improved drastically, all within a relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere. Improved Quality of Life he natural light flowing into the consultation room provides a pleasant environment as the client takes the opportunity to communicate their physical and, if necessary, mental complaints. This enables Dr Tan and his friendly, competent team to get an idea of their overall state of health as a basis for therapy sessions, which will then be discussed in detail with them. All treatment rooms are decorated with simple yet aesthetically pleasing interior, providing a peaceful scene for treatment. The therapy beds are provided with a bioenergetic pad that dissipates electrosmog from the body while the client is lying down, and some therapy beds include a pad which supports the body and ensures that the lumbar spine is slightly stretched by lying down alone. The relaxation room bridges short waiting times with a small library on the subject of health, especially Chinese medicine, available to patients while they wait for treatment. Most illnesses can be positively influenced by Chinese medicine, especially when combined with intravascular laser blood treatment (ILB). Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr Tan refers to generally accessible scientific literature on the subject of Chinese medicine/acupuncture or laser blood treatment for illnesses such as general pain; migraines, headaches or face pain; neck or back pain; autoimmune diseases; psoriasis or neurodermatitis; depression or anxiety; sleep disorders; and many more. The practice’s treatment concept is cause-oriented. It combines the methods of millennia-old traditional Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, with state-of-the-art laser technology in the form of laser acupuncture and intravascular laser blood treatment. Chronic and so far unsuccessfully treated symptoms can be positively influenced or cured in many cases. The statements “you can’t do anything about it” and “you have to live with that” do not apply with Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr Tan. In addition, it shares with patients the ways in which they can influence the success of the treatment for themselves. For acupuncture, only uncoated, sterile disposable steel needles are used. These very fine needles (diameter 0.25mm or thinner) have a very special cut in contrast to the acupuncture needles usually used, whereby the puncture resistance is minimised. The acupuncture points are selected individually at each session according to the current complaint. For each individual acupuncture point, particular importance is attached to the triggering of the so-called “Deqi” feeling (Chinese: Qi = life energy, Deqi = arrival of qi), where the patient feels “dull and heavy”. It can only be triggered in a certain (possibly different from time to time) stitch depth and signs that the tip of the acupuncture needle really sits in the “right” place at the right depth T Situated in the heart of Stuttgart is Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr Tan (Acupuncture in the Center Dr Tan), led by Dr Tan. In modern, beautifully furnished, light-flooded rooms, clients can detach themselves from everyday life and experience the relaxing and healing effects of acupuncture. Having earned the title of Most Impactful Acupuncture Conference of the Year – 2021, we take a look at how the practice helps people. Company: Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr Tan Contact: Thay Joe Tan Email: Website: Apr21023