Global Excellence 2021

110 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2021 27 Company: DreamFolks Website: Taking Airport Travel to the Next Level orn with a mission to create a global airport experience that truly differentiates, DreamFolks is marked with operational excellence through robust technology and traditional-style hospitality. Having pioneered the concept of airport services in India, DreamFolks is futuristic with its vision and has continued reinventing itself to stay ahead of the times, both in terms of approach and deliverance. Over the years, it has overcome various challenges and shattered glass ceilings to expand its portfolio and create a bouquet of services to meet end-to-end requirements of consumers at the airport. This gradual expansion of DreamFolks’ services has made airport life so much easier and more pleasant for consumers, including ‘meet and assist’ where an airport representative meets the traveller in the arrival area and escorts them to their departure gate or through the airport straight into the partner lounges; a wellness service which offers rejuvenating pamper sessions for those who are looking to take a break from jetlag or work stress; an airport transit hotel where travellers can get some rest among long multiflight trips; sleeping pods/nap rooms for those who are longing for a powernap; as well as airport transfers and a choice of quality places to dine. Being in the hospitality industry means that DreamFolks needs to consistently excel in quality, whether it is through providing a highquality environment and services or hiring excellent employees who offer efficiency along with professionalism. At DreamFolks, employees not only bring a sense of understanding and responsibility, but also creativity and diversity. While partnering with premium lounge, food and beverage and wellness providers, DreamFolks believes that operational excellence is the key to seamless experience for its clients. Therefore, it has been imperative to reduce any external dependency. The airport’s ingenious team took on this challenge and created its own tech-based solutions platform for its B2B partners with various customisable innovative features. This inherent platform has given a distinct edge to DreamFolks over its competitors as a secured service and solutions provider. Meanwhile, this past year has of course been challenging for the entire travel industry, and DreamFolks isn’t immune to the affects of B the pandemic. However, instead of bowing down to the strain, the airport team utilised this time to develop augmented solutions and progressive features for its technology platform. It also continued with its global expansion plan to reach out to all corners of the world so that its stakeholders can receive services across the world. Although COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the lives of millions, DreamFolks has turned it into a blessing in disguise. Now, DreamFolks is not only a self-sufficient leading airport lounge services provider, but its own in-house technology ensures operational excellence globally as well. DreamFolks continues to have a customer-centric approach with a user-friendly product portfolio in the form of an app, web portal and IVR. It has not only empowered the end user to know about various amenities and services at a specific airport, but also inculcates smooth pre-booking of airport services. 2021 is bringing a lot of hope for the world and it’s looking very bright for DreamFolks. As the travel industry revives from the pandemic, DreamFolks is striving into various new territories and is excited to be launching new products and solutions very soon. DreamFolks is India’s largest airport service provider, having now stretched its wings across the globe to provide technology-driven premium airport services in 140 countries. It provides an airport experience more comfortable and relaxing than most, earning it the title of most consumer-focused airport services provider. Mar21375 “Our employees are our most important customers, hence work hard; party harder is the culture that we follow,” says Ms Liberatha Kallat, Managing Director at DreamFolks.