Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 87 Acquisition International - Issue 8 21 Revolutionising Medical Training systems and operations management experience in the Americas, Asia Pacific and European markets. His focus is on high tech industries, particularly medical devices and systems, healthcare imaging and informatics and emerging/breakthrough device/product development and global commercialisation. Richie has held senior operations ranging from privately-owned Australian start-ups to global blue-chip medical device companies. Over the last 20 years, he has been directly responsible for growing and managing business operations internationally, leading and mentoring executive, engineering, operations and project management teams in several complex medical device and system ventures. Richie leads operations at Fusetec and brings significant recent experience to the executive team in development of global commercialisation and go to market strategies, scaling operations to meet global expansion requirements, capital raising, and provision of executive leadership and team mentorship. Indeed, Fusetec as quite a team behind it, one that is truly changing the face of medical training, and it continues to innovate, treading into new territory and going where no medical expert has gone before. Fusetec believes that within the next decade, it may be possible to manufacture human organs for transplant, and every aspect of its learning will get it one step closer to this quantum leap forward in healthcare. Company: Fusetec 3D Pty Ltd Contact: John Budgen Email: Website: